Protestant majority in NI workforce

Published Tuesday, 18 December 2012
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The workforce in Northern Ireland is comprised of 53.7% Protestant and 46.3% Roman Catholic employees, according to a new report.

Protestant majority in NI workforce
The majority share of NI's workforce is Protestant. (© Pacemaker)

The Equality Commission, who reviewed returns for last year from nearly 4,000 employers, published the findings.

The 22nd Fair Employment Monitoring Report found a 6% decrease in the total number of monitored employees, a reduction of 2,884 workers.

The monitored workforce in 2011 stands at 509,842.

Commenting on the report Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland said: "This year's returns show that the composition of the monitored workforce is broadly in line with the community shares of those available for work.

"There has been a continuation of the consistent and gradual change, year on year, which has seen the Catholic share of the monitored workforce rise by six percentage points over the last decade. The Catholic composition of the monitored workforce reflects the latest estimates from LFS surveys of Catholics of working age."

The report showed for the third consecutive year there were more Catholics applying for jobs, making up 51.6% of applicants last year and 28.4% of applicants from the Protestant community.

In terms of gender, the workforce in the region is 52.7% female and 47.3% male, proportionally unchanged from 2010.

The private sector accounts for 63.5% of the total workforce, and this year, with an increase of 622 employees, saw its first period of growth since 2008.

The community proportions of employees in the private sector was 54% Protestant and 46% Roman Catholic.

The public sector workforce - 36.5% of the total monitored workforce, is 53.2% Protestant and 46.8% Roman Catholic.

Nearly two thirds- 64.1%- of the public sector workforce is female. The female proportion of the public sector part-time workforce is even larger at 76.9%.

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Frosty in Here wrote (767 days ago):
Nearly 4000 employers wouldn't even cover one town in Northern Ireland. More statistical crap brought to you by professional guessers.
Danny in Ulster wrote (768 days ago):
Jobless in Ireland - are you trying to say you can't get a job because you are a catholic?
Charlie in London wrote (769 days ago):
There's been a few comments in a row wondering about why it adds up to exactly 100%. If you actually read a monitoring report. They actually record as Prot. Cath. and Non- determined. However, they only give only measuring Prot. and Cath. percentages against eac other i.e. exclude the the third category. E.g. Company A has 20 Prot. 10 Cath. and 10 N-D employees. Rather than write 50%P, 25%C, 25%ND. It only appears as 66%P, 33%C in the report. It therefore is definitely misleading. If you don't like their methodology then tell them! Hope that helps.
Laughable in Belfast wrote (769 days ago):
@amanda, Oh cry me a river, these protesters are crying about how the protestant people are becoming 2nd class citizens just like the catholics were, this clearly shows that their arguments, wining, and moaning are laughable and they'd say anything to justify the crimes they are committing on a nightly basis in the name of thier britishness! what a bunch of morons.
sugarshop in belfast wrote (770 days ago):
Really? what about the other cultures in the workforce, do they not exist? I know there are lots of eastern Europeans and Asian people....something tells me this is yet another figure plucked from thin air!!!! Bout time the people of northern Ireland were told the truth cause we are all fed up!!!!!""
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