Police target speeding bikers

Published Friday, 25 May 2012
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As bikers take advantage of the good weather, police revealed their latest measures to crack down on reckless driving.

Police target speeding bikers
PSNI helicopter and motorbikes on display in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. (© UTV)

On Friday, Bikesafe coordinator Constable Bill Holden said although fewer people have died on Northern Ireland's roads this year than in 2011, the numbers must come further down.

"The good weather is bringing a noticeable amount more motorcyclists out onto the roads. We want to appeal to those motorcyclists to slow down, give themselves more time.

"Anyone tempted to break the rules of the road can at best, expect the full rigour of the law. At worst, because of their own stupidity, they risk becoming another statistic," he added.

On Wednesday, a motorcyclist died in Newtownabbey after a collision with a tractor, and Constable Holden said motorists must be aware of agricultural vehicles on the roads.

"Farmers are also out on the roads at this time of year. You could drive or ride round a corner and there could be a tractor and trailer sitting across the road. Drivers and riders must be able to stop in the distance they can see to be clear ahead," said Constable Holden.

He explained that marked PSNI bikes do have an effect on drivers in the areas in which they are used, but the unmarked motorbikes will also be used to record bad driving.

"That's recorded onto a hard drive on the motorcycle and when we take it back to the station that can be downloaded. If we deem there's enough evidence for a prosecution then the owner or rider will be notified by post."

Police say they will also be on the lookout for drivers who do not look out for bikes when overtaking, at junctions, when turning right and when emerging onto main roads.

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rob in Belfast wrote (974 days ago):
Brian .... totally agree ,but I would say it would be more than a minority,red lights , up and over the footpath , using up a whole road lane ,coming up the inside etc etc
jim in s'land wrote (975 days ago):
@ Harry Smith. What a stupid comment to make with absolutely no basis in fact or statistics. You say 'most bikers are going at absurd speeds, its(sic) impossible to see them' Yes some bikers ride too fast for conditions, many car drivers also travel too fast..many car drivers also use mobile phones or apply makeup or look at satnavs or maps whilst driving. Many car drivers also do not pay sufficient attention at junctions or stop too far back from the giveway line, thereby making it more likely that they will pull out in front of another vehicle which may or may not be a motorcycle.. (stastiscally the most common accident format between cars and motorcycles). So Harry Smith, I would make a couple of suggestions to you,before you make sweeping generalizations about motorcyclists,firstly,you should try riding a motorcycle yourself and experience first hand the careless niglegence shown by many 'poor' car drivers to motocyclists and secondly, if you find motorcycles 'impossible' to see, maybe you should have your eyes tested.
Disappointed road user in Belfast wrote (975 days ago):
Hi Brian In Belfast mate cyclists are more of a danger than motorcyclists and also tractor never clean up the muck they spill so selfishly on the roads . Supt Clark and his officers can not be every where they should set up a hot line or something so people can report atrocious driving .We should have more cameras on country roads where most people speed ,do very dangerous overtakes, cyclists doing insane things like swerving at the last moment into the paths of vehicles,Tractors leaving piles of mud and dirt on the roads NEVER cleaning it up ,which I can confirm as I travel the country roads daily .Cars speeding over what they call TRAFFIC CALMING RAMPS ,which only serve to some drivers as as just another obstacle to drive over as fast as they can ,see earlier comment. Women putting make up on,and on the MOBILE !! School days between 0815 and 9am the worst ! I see it daily mums rushing to schools, kids every where, kids just jumping across the roads often missing cars by inches ! Pedestrians NOT EVER USING PROPER CROSSINGS often can not be bothered walking the extra 20 30 yards to USE a proper crossing! THEY SHOULD BE given on the spot fines for ENDANGERING them selves and other ROAD USERS NOTE here I say OTHER ROAD USERS not just cars! I welcome more Police If they are ever around the country roads in BANBRIDGE LURGAN PORTADWON MOIRA MAGHERALIN DOLLINGSTOWN WARINGSTOWN AREA they will fill a book in a day.Not only that
biker in bangor wrote (975 days ago):
another dangerous trait that is becoming more prevalent and requires Police attention is the tendancy for motorists to run red lights,sometimes when the lights have changed for some considerable time.
Harry Smith in Armagh wrote (975 days ago):
I hate that TV ad that blames car drivers for not looking and hitting bikers. Most bikers are going at absurd speeds, its impossible to see them. Yes Jim might be a brother and a father but if Jim doesnt slow down it is inevitable he will get killed and some poor car driver will get caught up in his wrecklessness.
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