Police shut £117k cannabis factory

Published Wednesday, 29 January 2014
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A cannabis factory containing an estimated £117,000 of the drug has been shut down by police in south Belfast.

Police shut £117k cannabis factory
Police have removed the cannabis from the house. (© PSNI)

Officers discovered it inside a house at St Albans Gardens in Stranmillis on Tuesday.

They believe someone had been staying in the property and tending to the plants.

Detective Inspector Peter Mullan said it was a "significant seizure", adding that landlords should be careful to ensure their properties are not being used by criminals.

"Drugs are clearly an issue of concern to local communities," he said.

"Officers have been working closely with residents in south Belfast to tackle the issue of drug supply and distribution. This is a significant seizure.

"In this particular instance, it would appear that someone was staying in the property and tending to the plants. We would appeal to anyone who may have witnessed individuals entering or leaving the property to contact Police at Musgrave on 0845 600 8000."

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Get legally high in High school wrote (365 days ago):
9/10 in favour as usual so why is this still illegal ? Shouldnt they let each city vote on wether they want to legalise it , alot of states in america are now legalising it even washinton dc , the president can smoke his brains out as can the canadians , most of south america and parts of europe like amsterdam . Has any of them countrys / citys or states broken down ? No ! Have they becone drug citys ? No , they are amongst the safest places in the world .
paul in dublin wrote (366 days ago):
ulysses i agree about who is getting the money which is why i want it to be legal,so we can get rid of the scum
Ulysses32 in Belafst wrote (366 days ago):
Sorry guys. The law is the law. Now if you where to surmise who was getting rich off this maybe you would think twice about the lining of their pockets. Seriously, campaign all you want about decriminalising something, and more power to you. The difference is that laws are being broken and the PSNI are doing a good job enforcing them, especially as this is likely to be a lucrative venture for organised crime considering the value of cannabis confiscated.
David in Ballymena wrote (366 days ago):
its time for the British government to see sense and legalise/decriminalise and to use resources to find the real drugs cocaine, MDMA , LSD and probably worst of all mephedrone and heroin. all these drugs have caused death FACT! cannabis has never caused any deaths anywhere in the world and proven to be less harmful than alcohol so before anyone talks down cannabis just think about how much you actually know about it!
Belfast in Belfast wrote (366 days ago):
This is a disgrace. Money being spent on seizing and prosocuting people over the cultivation of the worlds most beneficial substance. Perhaps if we stopped prohibition this kind of thing wouldnt have to happen and the money being spent on preventing it could be spent on the other things like education and healthcare. As well as revenue from the legalization of cannabis being taxed and regulated. Afe the psni going to shut the alcohol and tobacco factories down considering they do so much harm to society. Northern ireland is s police state. No freedom here!!!!
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