Police release riot wanted images

Published Wednesday, 30 January 2013
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Police investigating public disorder linked to loyalist flag protests have released a series of photographs of people they want to speak to.

Police release riot wanted images
Over 100 have been injured during the disorder. (© Pacemaker)

There have already been 181 arrests and 128 charges in connection with the unrest which has followed changes to Belfast City Hall's flag policy.

Detective Superintendent Sean Wright said the images are linked to serious trouble in east and south Belfast, and Newtownabbey, in recent weeks.

He said the PSNI remains committed to the investigation.

"We are today releasing 19 images of individuals whom we'd like to talk to in connection with ongoing investigations into serious public disorder and I'm hopeful that the wider community will help us identify these individuals," he explained.

"I also encourage the persons within these pictures to contact my team directly - in doing so they will minimise the impact on themselves, their family and their community.

"The ongoing protests and associated disorder has caused havoc and serious disruption for local people and local communities. It is in everybody's interest - as well as in the interest of justice - that those responsible are dealt with appropriately. I would urge anyone who may have information to bring it forward."

Over 100 police officers have been injured since the trouble started in December.

Fifty of those arrested so far have been juveniles.

Detective Superintendent Sean Wright continued: "Young people are limiting their life choices in terms of future employment and travel prospects.

"People with certain convictions may not be able to apply for Visas or travel to certain countries in the future and we want them to understand that the decisions they take now may have a great impact on the choices they may wish to have later in life.

"Parents also need to take responsibility - know where their children are and what they are doing. It is important for parents to discuss these issues with their children to ensure they fully appreciate the impact of such actions and the fact that such activity could constitute a crime for which they could be arrested and face charges."

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louise in belfast wrote (727 days ago):
shows how much some people know they r not called shell suits seriously wat decade r u living in the 90s
Pol in Belfast wrote (727 days ago):
What a motley looking crew.........Hardly surprising they don't have jobs. Is the dress code In loyalist E.Belfast shell suits only lol
Three Stripes in Derry wrote (727 days ago):
Adidas must be doing some trade in East Belfast these days judging by the pictures! Everyone needs to stop the whataboutery. So many petty comments on here- what about the other side? This flag issue is not about the flag and anyone with an ounce of intelligence will see this if they take a step back from their bigotted mindset. This is about Peter Robinsons MP seat, this is about bored people, deceitful politicians,lack of jobs, bad parenting, welfare state, bigotry, drugs, criminality, supremacy, etc etc..... but not about a flag!
Ryan in Belfast wrote (728 days ago):
Its obvious just by looking at some comments left by Loyalists that these people still have this mentality that in some way they are entitled to "favouritism" or that they are "above the law". The decision to limt the flying of the union flag was a completey democratic one, one secured and upheld by BRITISH law. The majority of belfasts population is nationalist, just like in Derry, and that majority will only grow. Are loyalists honestly trying to block democracy simply because they dont agree with the decision made by BCC? Seems very much like that. Belfast, just like all of the 6counties/NI is a SHARED area, both british AND irish. That means theres going to be an increase in Irish symbols, icons, etc to reflect the soon to be majority nationalist/catholic community. Loyalists have to realize that we're coming on here, we're not in the 1800's anymore, we have to move on and make some kind of future for everyone living here.
daisy in full time worker wrote (728 days ago):
Glad to say I don't recognise any of them. Disappointed that I couldnt name any of them. These law breakers need to be removed from the roads I pay to use.
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