Police escape injury in gun attack

Published Saturday, 07 December 2013
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Police in Belfast have escaped injury after a gun attack on a patrol in the west of the city on Friday evening.

The Land Rover the officers were travelling in was hit twice as it travelled along the Suffolk Road at around 11.45pm.

It is the second time police have come under attack in as many nights.

District commander for the area, Chief Superintendent George Clarke said: "For the second night in a row, dedicated community police officers have found themselves under attack from terrorists.

"These officers go out each day to serve this community and they should be free to do so without the threat of attack.

"I know that this incident will not deter them or their colleagues from continuing with that work, helping people and making society safer.

"I again urge the community to support us. Help us defeat those who seek to bring us back to the past by showing them that they do not represent the wishes of this community."

It is fortunate that we are not dealing with fatalities and those responsible are to be utterly condemned for their evil and reckless actions.

Chief Superintendent George Clarke

SDLP MLA for West Belfast Alex Attwood called for those engaged in violence to stop.

He said: "This attack could have resulted in the loss of life and I condemn this attempt to kill police officers.

"Those engaged in this type of reckless violence are not advancing any political ideal, they are hurting the community they claim to represent.

"A worrying trend is beginning to appear in regards to such attacks on the police across the city, this is the second incidence in as many days.

"The Haass process provides an opportunity for both communities to resolve contentious issues and we must participant fully in this and have the space to find solutions."

DUP councillor Brian Kingston blamed dissident republicans for the latest attack.

He told UTV: "Thankfully, and only by good fortune, we are not looking at a death or serious injury of police officers carrying out their duty to protect society and uphold law and order.

"Two nights in a row now there have been gun attacks by dissident republicans against police patrols in north and west Belfast.

"Those responsible are prepared to carry out murder and their actions are wrong and they need to be condemned.

Their actions are not just strategically wrong, they are wrong because they are evil.

Councillor Brian Kingston

"This is wrong for society and it is morally wrong to seek to take the life of people who are upholding law and order.

"We need the entire society to unite against these people and bring information forward to police.

"I know how difficult this can be, but we need to give these people nowhere to hide."

On Thursday, officers were shot at in the north of the city while policing a loyalist protest at the Ardoyne interface.

Dissident republicans were blamed for the attack.

Following the shooting senior officers said it was fortunate no one was injured or killed in the attack.

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darth in belfast wrote (129 days ago):
what ceasefire kev the PIRA one are you living on this planet
AK in Ireland wrote (131 days ago):
@kev If they arnt going to say the UVF ceasefire is broke then they are hardly going to say about the IRA's are they now are they? This is not the IRA anyway. The cops know this. So be quiet fool
wasting space in ulster wrote (131 days ago):
The ira in all it's political and militant forms and of whatever convenient name applied to them by government for political expediency need to recognize that regardless of peoples political persuasion on this side of the border the vast vast majority on both sides of the border want nothing to do with them.They are the last of an ever declining minority who have no place in society,who are not wanted by any right thinking person,and the only people who want the rira, cira, pira, diet ira, 1%fat ira, are the dregs of a society that is otherwise just begging to be left alone.
S.B. in Belfast wrote (132 days ago):
The wider Nationalist and Republican community have moved on and have no time for these dissidents; there is zero support for them. They represent no one but themselves and have no mandate to do what they are doing and should leave the stage now. Having said that there is no doubt that there is a lot of anger within the Catholic community about the perceived easy treatment of Loyalist paramilitaries by the PSNI and British government. The UVF and UDA in certain parts of the North appear to be a law unto themselves and seem to get away with murder and terror at a whim. The PSNI and British government are concentrating on dissident Republicans and Loyalist elements, to Catholics, are above the law. If the PSNI and British want Nationalists and Republicans on their side they HAVE to be even handed and the Catholic community still have serious doubts on this.
Luke Bacinanger in Belfast wrote (132 days ago):
to who ever did this, one message; "Go home"!
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