Police dog among riot casualties

Police dog among riot casualties

A police dog was among the casualties of efforts to restore order during serious rioting in Belfast city centre on Friday, the PSNI has confirmed.

The public order dog named Dark was struck with an iron grating during the violence.

He needed seven stitches for his injury.

The PSNI released a picture of the recovering dog on their Twitter page on Tuesday morning.

A total of 56 police officers were also injured when the rioting broke out during loyalist protests against an anti-internment rally being held in the city.

Eight officers had been hurt the previous evening when they were attacked at an anti-internment bonfire in the Divis area of west Belfast.

The Police Federation has already called for a voluntary suspension of all parades, until all-party talks can be held to find a long-term resolution to the issue of contentious marches.

The PSNI has also said that the violence will be dealt with accordingly.

"If people think for one moment that this is just a wee bit of recreational rioting - 'Let's go out and throw a few bricks at police for a bit of sport ...' It's far from sport," Detective Superintendent Sean Wright said.

"This really could result in police or other members of the public being killed.

"And we will deal with that robustly."


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