Police attacked at Easter commemoration

Published Monday, 01 April 2013
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Police have been pelted with stones during minor trouble at a dissident republican Easter commemoration in Londonderry.

Police attacked at Easter commemoration
Youths as young as 10 attack police. (© Presseye)

Children - some believed to be as young as 10 - attacked PSNI vehicles after the 32 County Sovereignty Movement event took place at City Cemetery.

A statement from police said: "While the event passed off without incident it was extremely concerning to see children, some of whom looked to be under the age of ten, throwing stones at police vehicles.

"It is a sad indictment on those who organised and were in attendance that this was allowed to happen."

Around 300 people attended the commemoration on Monday afternoon.

Officers maintained a low-key presence and issued two verbal warnings to those taking part in the illegal procession.

In previous years it has been addressed by masked dissident representatives, but there was no paramilitary statement this year.

There have been no reports of any arrests.

Police said they will be making further inquiries.

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realistic in planet earth wrote (667 days ago):
@hugh in belfast- well said, as always in NI it's the minority on each side holding us all back. I know several ex members of the OO who have left the organisation because they are affronted.......
Tommy Atkins in London, England wrote (668 days ago):
I believe that Ryan in Derry fails to see anything wrong with the behaiour of republicans. He also fails to see that the people he supports in violence are the mirror images of those Loyalists whom he condemns Ach when all is said and done " Ach sure,Isn't it succh a great wee place to live in"
Hugh in Belfast wrote (668 days ago):
Look, it's like this. When one side riots, the other side come on and condemn them. Vice versa when it's the other side this. Here is the only fact you all need to know: BOTH SIDES ARE AS BAD AS EACH OTHER. Too much emphasis on identity from both sides over 12th (and all of the months before and after) and Easter. Do you know what I do during these periods? Spend time with my family at home and laugh at people putting on sashes and uniforms.
Danny in Ulster wrote (668 days ago):
When you have the likes of "Ryan in Derry" saying the PSNI were attacked for "being British" (even though it is mainly made up of local Irish protetstant & catholic officers) it sums up the mentality of dissident republican supporters. Not exactly the sharpest tools in the box...
lorna in limavady wrote (668 days ago):
Ryan Derry. The police are not getting attacked because they are British. it is because lawless people cannot accept defenders of the law.Our police force is paid by the Government BUT subject to the our assembly and the policing boards that was set up.When will the IRA accept the personal in the PSNI are people doing a job defending others and stop bring stupid politics into the debate
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