Pipe bomb sparks Antrim alert

Published Wednesday, 11 August 2010
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A Catholic family has escaped injury after a viable pipe bomb was left on the windowsill of their Antrim home by a loyalist grouping.

The device - which failed to explode - was made safe by Army bomb experts.

Security sources told UTV that although the device was crude in nature, had it exploded, it could have caused serious injury or worse.

The alarm was raised in Fir Grove Lane at around 7.15am on Wednesday morning after reports of a suspicious device.

Police officers located the pipe bomb on the windowsill of the house in a cul-de-sac.

A number of nearby homes were evacuated as army bomb experts removed the device.

It was made safe some time later and people were allowed to return to their homes.

A loyalist grouping calling itself the Real UFF admitted responsibility in a telephone call to a local newsroom.

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly says he is sickened by those who left the device beside the house.

"This device was an attack on the whole community. There can never be any justification for an attack like this, no matter what those responsible may claim", Mr Kelly said.

"I am very concerned that these incidents appear to be happening on a daily basis. I am only glad that no one was killed or injured in this latest attack."

SDLP South Antrim MLA Thomas Burns said the couple, who have a two-year-old daughter, were "extremely shook up" by an attack they can't understand.

"The young couple are totally unaware as to the motive behind this attack," he said

"They are a young family just trying to make a way in life and raise their children properly.

"The ideals of those responsible couldn't be in greater contrast. The heart of the entire community goes out to the family. The neighbours I spoke to are distraught at what has happened to them.

"I hope anybody with even the smallest bit of information regarding this incident brings it to the police. As a society we must stand up to these bullies."

This is the fifth bomb the army has had to deal with in week.

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big ernest in east antrim wrote (1,627 days ago):
republican ( as if you are ) ; cant you read ? i said if their is a group called the real uff shame on them , yet again your ignorance makes a fool out of you , anyway where are your condemnations of republican death squad bombs this week ?
Jim in USA wrote (1,627 days ago):
How come when loyalist scum commit these crimes they are referred to as paramilitaries, but when a republican group does it, they are referred to as terrorists ? Maybe the loyalists are just a group of lads having a little fun and diversion in-between OO parades.
BIG ERNEST in east antrim wrote (1,627 days ago):
republican ; the real uff ? who are they will as i have never heard of them nor has any loyalists i know ,there is the remains of an lvf drug gang in antrim behind attacks but are not classed as loyalists , furthermore i have condemned the attack unlike you when dissidents tried to murder 3 times this week already , shows who really has morals and who really has'nt , anyway can you read ? i stae quite clearly that if it is loyalists then shame on you or are you to blind to see that ?
Gary in Magherafelt wrote (1,627 days ago):
Rab I don't support any act of violence, but you look at what is said about dissident republican attacks, then you look about loyalists, complete bais by british media. Dissident republicans attack PSNI/British occupational forces, UFF/UDA/UVF/YCV shoot their own members and catholics.
republican in belfast wrote (1,628 days ago):
So big ernest blames local thugs instead of loyalists, now thats a surprise. open your eyes ernest, loyalists commit crimes too.
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