Pilot's false arm detaches mid-landing

Published Thursday, 14 August 2014
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A captain lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached as he was coming in to land in Belfast, an accident report has said.

The incident happened earlier this year on a Flybe flight from Birmingham as the Dash 8 aircraft, with 47 passengers on board, was approaching Belfast City Airport in gusty conditions.

Shortly before, the 46-year-old pilot had checked that his prosthetic lower left arm was securely attached to the yoke clamp which he used to fly the aircraft, with the latching device in place.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report, released on Thursday, said the captain had disconnected the autopilot and was flying the aircraft manually.

It said that as he made the flare manoeuvre - a stage of the landing shortly before touchdown - "his prosthetic limb became detached from the yoke clamp, depriving him of control of the aircraft".

The captain considered getting the co-pilot to take control but concluded that, given the time available and the challenging conditions, his best course of action was to move his right hand from the power levers on to the yoke to regain control.

The report went on: "He did this, but with power still applied and possibly a gust affecting the aircraft, a normal touchdown was followed by a bounce, from which the aircraft landed heavily."

No-one was hurt and the plane was not damaged in the incident on the evening of 12 February.

The AAIB reported that the captain had said that in future he would be more cautious about checking the attachment on his prosthesis as he may have dislodged the latching mechanism.

Also, he said he would brief his co-pilots about the possibility of a similar event and that they should be ready to take control at any time.

Captain Ian Baston, Flybe director of flight operations and safety, said the company was proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

"This, in common with most airlines, means we do employ staff with reduced physical abilities. Where appropriate, and in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirements, this does include pilots.

"The senior captain referred to in this report is one of Flybe's most experienced and trusted pilots. The airline confirms that at no time was the safety of its passengers or crew compromised in any way, nor was the aircraft damaged.

"Following the incident, Flybe immediately undertook a detailed internal investigation from which it determined a series of additional fail-safe safety checks. These were rigorously tested and instigated immediately to ensure that this type of incident could not happen again.

"The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. This means that Flybe not only adheres to the CAA's strict requirements relating to the employment of staff with a reduced physical ability, but exceeds them to ensure that safety is never compromised.

"Flybe understands that the AAIB is to review this report to more clearly contextualise certain issues referred to in its findings."

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giles in cultra wrote (165 days ago):
Should this chap be in charge of an aircraft. I certainly would want to know next time I fly first class.
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (166 days ago):
Isn't it wonderful how certain people on here are able to say, sarcastically and abusively, how it was perfectly safe to have a pilot with an artificial arm and that the rest of us are stupid for not realising that. Had a fatal accident happened as a result, the same people would be on here saying how stupid it was to allow an amputee to fly a plane
ryan in belfast wrote (166 days ago):
passengers must have thought it was armageddon
Steven in Belfast wrote (167 days ago):
No it's not as if he was driving as car, seeing as he had a fully trained and competant co-pilot beside him with duplicated controls who could take command of the plane at a moments notice. Therefore 0 lives were at risk at any time, cop on to yourselves!
pr in co down wrote (167 days ago):
my mate drives a bus with an artificial arm,50,60,70 people on board and helluva lot better that some I could mention so let the guy get on with it
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