Peaceful protest and march in Derry

Published Sunday, 27 January 2013
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Loyalist and nationalist parades have passed off peacefully in Londonderry.

Peaceful protest and march in Derry
Loyalists held a civil rights march – across the city Bloody Sunday was marked. (© Pacemaker)

Up to 5,000 people took part in the annual Bloody Sunday march, walking from the Creggan area to the Bogside to commemorate thirteen men shot dead by British paratroopers in 1972.

The PSNI has launched a murder inquiry into the shootings, but relatives complain they don't know how much progress the inquiry has made.

Kate Nash, whose brother William was shot dead, told UTV: "We're looking for accountability for murders and 41 years we still haven't had the full truth.

"We don't even know if the police inquiry has actually started or not. But this is an ongoing struggle and myself and a number of relatives will meet the Deputy Chief Constable shortly to discuss the investigation."

The march was supported by a number of republican groups, including the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and the Republican Network for Unity.

Across the city, meanwhile, loyalists held a parade at the same time.

Organisers billed it as a march for loyalist civil rights and up to 1,000 walked through the city's Waterside carrying banners and union flags.

William Frazer of the Ulster People's Forum was among those on the parade.

He said the protest sent a message to Stormont that the rights of unionists and loyalists were being eroded, adding: "We have no rights.

"The people across Northern Ireland are sick to the back teeth with what's going on. We now want justice, freedom and respect and we want our culture to be left alone."

Police kept a low profile at both events.

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Eamo in Belfast wrote (729 days ago):
To Alan if UTV put this post on, the 32 flags as you call them was the flag of the 32 county sovereignty movement which is not an army. All Nationalist groups were represented on Sunday as this is to mark the day when innocent people were murdered by state forces. Have some humanity for those who were murdered. And no not all republican groups came together to make the new IRA. Read some and get your facts right. This is just getting stupid now how silly you look. All Nationalists are not in the IRA.
jimmymac in canada wrote (729 days ago):
Don't put word in my mouth!!! (so to speak)@neutral citizen in N. Ireland. My post was express with irony to the ridiculous inscriptions displayed on the flag protesters banner. And Yes, for your information I sympathize, very much will all those, who have been touched by the curse of 'The Troubles' Protestant, Catholic, Solders and police officers. We are all the same. Lets hope the North of Ireland stays off the turbulent road to madness and hate.And that the unruly flag protesters learn to compromise,at-lest for the sake of peace... and goodwill...
Neutral Citizen in N. Ireland wrote (730 days ago):
Jimmymac in Canada - So the families of murdered British soldiers, RUC officers and innocent civilians like those murdered in Omagh, and Enniskillen etc aren't victims to you, and not worthy of justice? Typical republican hypocrite, crying our for inquiries for your "victims" only. The more I hear the bile that people like you spout, the more I sympathise with the protesters and the more I belive their claims of opression by nationalists.
Linda in NI wrote (730 days ago):
Where do you start here its the same old same old & im sick sore & tired of 1 side against the other. Bloody Sunday should never have happened but the IRA shouldnt have called its community onto the streets and McGuiness shouldnt have had an armalite on the day. But then Enniskillen, Bloody Friday, Abercorn, Teebane, Kingsmill and so on should not have happened either. There should be a public enquiry for all atrocities - £200m + prosecutions is also wrong when any atrocity committed by republican terrorists is being airbrushed from history. IMO Willie Frazer has a right to have a say after all he lost 4 family members to IRA terrorists.
Alan in Londonderry wrote (730 days ago):
To Eamo So please explain to me what then 32 flags is all about and the type of people they represent?? My understanding is that all dissident republicans have formed the new IRA. So therefor the 32 flags are in many people's mind in Northern Ireland linked to the IRA and real IRA who blew up omagh. So please don't come on a forum splerting your junk to me when you know nothing. Lots of love from lovely Londonderry ;)
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