Campaigner and dFM 'share same goal'

Published Friday, 01 August 2014
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A man whose son was killed by an IRA bomb in England has spoken of the positive relationship he has developed with Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness.

Campaigner and dFM 'share same goal'
Colin Parry and Martin McGuinness pictured last year. (© PA)

Colin Parry's 12-year-old son Tim was one of two boys killed in the attack in Warrington in March 1993.

The schoolboy and three-year-old Johnathan Ball lost their lives when bombs planted in litter bins in the town's main shopping area exploded.

No one was ever prosecuted for the bombing, that also left 56 people injured.

Johnathan was in the town with his babysitter to buy a card for Mother's Day, the next day, when he was killed.

While Tim, an Everton fan, died in his father's arms five days later in Liverpool's Walton Hospital.

The death of the two boys sparked a public outcry in the UK and on both sides of the border in Ireland.

Since then, Mr Parry and his wife Wendy have become committed peace campaigners since the death of their son, setting up and operating a charitable reconciliation centre in Warrington - The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

Mr Parry stressed that he will never forgive the IRA.

Martin McGuinness, who now holds the position of deputy First Minister at Stormont, was a former IRA commander.

On Thursday night, Mr Parry and Mr McGuinness shared their differing perspectives on the peace process during an event held as part of the annual Féile an Phobail.

"I am always delighted to share a platform with people like Martin, I make no secret about it - we get along very well personally," said Mr Parry.

"It's sometimes strange for people who don't know Martin, who say to me how can that be, given our different pasts? If you take people as you find them, Martin has always been extremely courteous to me and Wendy."

Mr Parry said he could not explain why he had developed closer links with republican politicians than unionists in his reconciliation work and said allegations sometimes levelled against him on social media that he was an "apologist" for the republican movement were upsetting.

He said he thought he and Mr McGuinness shared the same goal.

"I think there is a common desire to cement the peace process here and to work in our own ways towards long-lasting peace and a fair society in Ireland - with or without a border, that's not an issue for me," he said.

"I am delighted to have this chance to speak with Martin again and represent our charity and say that out of a terribly dark deed has come something rather good."

During the event in St Mary's University College, Mr McGuinness recalled his own visits to Warrington, hailing the courage of the Parrys and others who welcomed him.

"I admire tremendously Colin and Wendy Parry - I think what they went through was absolutely horrendous and the brand of republicanism that I represent was responsible for that," he said.

"Their hearts were broken by us."

He added: "I think that Colin being prepared to meet with me in Warrington, and Wendy, was a massively courageous act on their part. They could quite easily have taken the easy way out and said 'we are not going to meet with someone who effectively was a representative of the brand of republicanism that took our son'.

"These are two very, very special people and I think that all of us who are determined to, even against the backdrop of all the setbacks, move the peace process forward - the more people like Colin and Wendy who are prepared to put their head above the parapet, who are prepared to do that, then as those people come forward then the stronger the demand will be from every section of our community that we have to be reconciled as a people - not just the Catholics and Protestants of the North, but the entire community in the North and people in the South as well, but also with the people in this island with the people in Britain.

"I think the journey we are on is a remarkable journey."

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Ryan in An Dun wrote (155 days ago):
@rab in Belfast. I think you forgot to mention the loyalist paramilitaries that still ruin the streets with their drug dealing and punishment shootings. There is a difference here Rab, the dissident republicans have little or no support in the wider republican and nationalist communities. The elections showed that. But still there are UDA and UVF flags flying during marching season. Are these not an illegal organisations? What's your view on the garden of reflection and large plaque that was paid for by the Housing Executive which was then high jacked by the UDA? The same UDA that ran riot damaging cars and homes and injuring a PSNI officer in the larne area at the end of march. The same UDA that had four members arrested at the start of July over a significant and orchestrated drug blackmail. Are you happy to see a UDA plaque erected in the same garden of reflection? Next time you comment Rab, read it first just to make sure you have covered all the angles.
jimmymac in canada wrote (177 days ago):
Martin Mc Guinness, is a true gentleman whose heart is in right place.And, unlike other Ulster politicians whose minds are like bad meat,that's frozen in the past. he has vision
B in belfast wrote (177 days ago):
fair play to the Parrys and they suffered so much too.
Rab in Belfast wrote (177 days ago):
We dont have peace in northern ireland let's get that straight i live here. also this so called process is so unbalancd sooner or later it will fall over. too many people are excluded from things because of sien fien.and the with these dissidents were back to the armalite and ballot box and no one seems to care....dont say you's were not informed!
Frank in Belfast wrote (177 days ago):
McGuinness has all the buzz words, is far better at manipulating the media that his Orange counterparts but he still was a member of an organisation that killed children. How does he sleep at night?
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