Parent's plea to find son's killer

Published Wednesday, 18 July 2012
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The parents of a teenager shot dead in north Belfast ten years ago have told UTV they want to find their son's killers.

Parent's plea to find son's killer
Gerard Lawlor was shot dead by the UDA in north Belfast in 2002. (© Family picture)

Gerard Lawlor was gunned down by the UDA on 21 July 2002 as he walked along the Floral Road after a night out.

The loyalist paramilitary gang said the father-of-one was killed in a "measured military response" to other sectarian attacks in the area

The 19-year-old was the last Catholic to be murdered during the Troubles, and his death was one of the first sectarian killings investigated by the PSNI, but no one has ever been convicted of his murder.

On the eve of the anniversary of his death, Gerard's parents, Sharon and John, told UTV they feel the PSNI has failed them, and their son.

I would like people to know that they are living in their own community but they’re not the nice people that they think they are. They murdered somebody. They murdered my son.

Sharon Lawlor

"We believed that the police system worked for you but I can't believe that you are left in limbo to go and find answers for yourself," said Mrs Lawlor.

"We have had to find evidence, they may as well not have been around at all. They have let me down, they have let John down and they've let our children down."

Mr and Mrs Lawlor family lodged a complaint about the PSNI investigation with the Police Ombudsman in 2006, but five years on there has still been no outcome.

"The whole point of the Ombudsman is to go and ask the right questions to the right departments and it's not happening.

"Everybody else seems to have moved on but the people who done this carry on regardless. That's the bit that hurts. We need to know why these guys have not been brought forward to face the courts," said Mr Lawlor.

"We would expect justice. The people in these communities know who done it and I would appeal to them, please, ten years is up. We are supposed to be moving on in life. Help us find who done this to our son," added Mrs Lawlor.

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linda in belfast wrote (920 days ago):
i will pray for the lawor family but hold no hope of the ruc/psni finding thier sons killers. why ? because he was a catholic and they have really no interest in putting killers behind bars that are from thier own sorry but thats just the way things are here they have not moved on that much. not everyone is experiencing the peace-process!
catherine b in north belfast wrote (920 days ago):
the ruc/psni know who they were and still fear arresting them its disgusting that these people still walk our streets after all the events that happened that night and poor gerard was innocently taken the police need to stand up take responsibilty for failing our.communitty that night and bring them low lives to face what they deserve and give gerards family the justive they deserve for the heartache they have suffered
Ryan in Belfast wrote (922 days ago):
The PSNI have to do FAR more for this family in order to get the murderers who murdered their son. Its disgraceful that the PSNI havent done more and been more active in this case. I hope that the family gets the peace and justice they deserve.
Danielle in Glengormley wrote (922 days ago):
If the Police know who killed Gerard then why dont they just go get up and Arrest them even though they dont have enough Evdience then they will ave the Killers who shot Gerard off the streets simple as.
Survivor of 'loyalist' murder attempt in North Belfast wrote (922 days ago):
I was shot in the face and head whilst sleeping in my own bed by 'loyalists' in the same area 34 years ago and also have had no contact or upadte at any time from the RUC or PSNI since they took a statement from me in my hospital bed. As far as I am aware, nobody has ever been questioned, arrested or charged in all those years. I feel very sorry for this family, like many survivors & victims they have been badly let down.
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