Paisley Jnr apologises for racist remark

Published Wednesday, 30 January 2013
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The Chinese Welfare Association has said they have accepted an apology from Ian Paisley Junior MP for a racist remark he made in a media interview.

Paisley Jnr apologises for racist remark
Ian Paisley Junior has apologised for the comment made in a radio interview. (© Pacemaker)

The DUP member made the comment on a live radio interview with BBC's Alan Simpson.

He was on air to discuss actor Liam Neeson's visit to Ballymena to receive the Freedom of the Borough and used a racist term to refer to a Chinese take-away or restaurant.

In a statement Mr Paisley said he had not intended to be insulting or offend the Chinese community.

A spokesperson for the North Antrim DUP MP said he had been in contact with representatives from the Chinese Welfare Association NI and the NI Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM).

"He personally has an exceptional track record with working with the Chinese community in the UK and he will continue to do so alongside Patrick (NICEM) and Eileen (CWANI) and others as he moves forward," they added.

Eileen Chan-Hu, Chief Executive of the Chinese Welfare Association said the term Mr Paisley used was not meant to be offensive and they have accepted his apology.

"Ian Paisley Junior MP has been an integral part to working with our community for many years from supporting discrimination on work permits access of Chinese staff to supporting us on the issues of racial incidents at Westminster," she added.

"We look forward to continuing our good work with Ian Paisley Junior."

A spokesperson for the Equality Commission said Mr Paisley's remark was "very regrettable".

"The careful use of non-racist language is essential for public life in Northern Ireland.

"Our elected representatives have a particular duty to promote respect for the law and for promoting good race relations in Northern Ireland.

"They should not use language or make statements which might contribute to a feeling of hurt or offence by any section of our community."

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Comments Comments
Ady in the kitchen wrote (727 days ago):
I recommend you order takeaways in a different name for a while Junior.
Belfastman9 in Washington wrote (728 days ago):
No love lost for ANY politition,@Stormont or Westminster,but bet they call us worse than plbs plus the "C" word(NO,not that one..the 6 letter one used to differentiate between Hot-Food Take aways.Used to mean a gap in armour!!!LOL.
Patrick in Dorset wrote (728 days ago):
I think Ian paisley Junior is a very poor second-rate politician, who is only where he is because of his name.
Oh Really! in North Antrim wrote (728 days ago):
I agree with Brendan. I am no fan of Ian Paisley Jnr. but this is just silly. The word he used is just a nickname the same as Jock, Paddy or Taffy and no offence is meant nor should it be taken. Indeed, in this case he wasn't even referring to the people, he was referring to the cuisine! We ought to be very wary of developing the racial super-sensitivities that now prevail in England. We see every day in the news the problems that are caused by opening up the floodgates to people who seek to be offended by issues of race, gender, sexuality etc. Society becomes a minefield as people are afraid to speak incase they say something that could be construed to be bigoted thereby making them vunerable to litigation or even prosecution.
angela in belfast wrote (728 days ago):
omg seriously. this is a news story, really? it is getting beyond ridiculous now about the simplest off the cuff remark being turned into an issue of racism. yes brendan we can all guess what it was and it is probably used by many many people.i am sure he did not mean any disrespect and neither do i but seriously anyone "hurt" or offended by this innocent remark really needs to get a needs to be made clear by the eqality commission just what non-racist language consists of because there seems to be very few words left that don't cause offence to some race or nationality.
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