PSNI hit back over halted quarry 'rave'

Published Wednesday, 02 July 2014
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Police in Newry have hit back at those criticising them on social media for putting a stop to an illegal rave on the edge of a quarry.

PSNI hit back over halted quarry 'rave'
PSNI Newry warned against going to the illegal rave on Facebook. (© PSNI Newry & Mourne)

The event was publicised on social media, but officers moved to prevent young people from attending with a stern Facebook message about the possible consequences.

"By attending, you face having your details passed to the land owner for pursuing a civil trespass against you, being reported or arrested for public order offences, and being reported to Newry & Mourne District Council for drinking in a public place," police said.

While more than 100 people 'liked' the post, others commented with negative comments about the police - including claims they were just "ruining everyone's summer".

Seriously, WISE UP.

PSNI Newry & Mourne

That sparked a firm response from PSNI Newry about the "maturity level" of those people who did not recognise the dangers of such a gathering where the ground is known to be unstable.

"Seriously, we have ruined every young person's summer in the whole world ever by telling you not to go to an unlicensed, unregulated carry on in a field in the middle of the countryside which just happens to be close to a quarry, how mean are we?" came the retort.

"Perhaps your summer would be better if we let this go ahead and you go so off your face on drink and drugs that somehow you thought it was a good idea to try and fly off the cliff edge into the quarry ... Whose summer would that make so much better?"

The PSNI added: "Or better still, how good would the summer be if you were searched going to this and we found your stash of drugs, then we took you to court and you got a conviction for drugs offences and maybe a prison sentence?"

The response received twice as many 'likes' as the original warning.

That's them told.

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Gerry in NI wrote (184 days ago):
Should have provided somewhere for them to party then,i agree with Tom,but at the same time Party safely,may that be at home,in a field or wherever,if your "off your head" on drink or drugs and not everyone who like to rave takes drugs,your best doing it in a safe place.
john in Antrim wrote (212 days ago):
Tom shows himself, by way of his argument, unable to think as a responsible adult and therefore in need of looking after. Would someone put his dummy back in his pram please?
OldSod in Fermanagh wrote (212 days ago):
Tom in Belfast, grow up mate,... if you think for one minute that an unorganised, unlicensed rave at disused quarry is anywhere near safe, or that people who would go to such an event would not misuse drink or drugs, then you are just in denial. If this were a bona fide venue for an event, there would have to be stewards, first aid stations, access for emergency services, fresh drinking water, toilets, insurance etc. Thats the reality of such an event, it has to be safe for the young people attending and it has to be responsibly done, because when something goes wrong,... there has to be accountability.
RIC in Tyrone wrote (213 days ago):
Has the land owner given permission,to be on the property?. If not you should not be there.
Anne in Belfast wrote (213 days ago):
Tom, what about the "planking" rage, when everyone tried to outdo each other, drunker or higher they were the more daring they became. So yes good on you psni for telling them how it is and not being scared of the PC brigade!
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