PC to discuss Covenant 'breaches'

Published Tuesday, 02 October 2012
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An SDLP delegation will meet the Parades Commission on Tuesday to discuss alleged breaches of rulings at the Ulster Covenant march.

PC to discuss Covenant 'breaches'
Bandsmen pass Protesters at St Patrick''s Church on Donegal Street. (© Pacemaker)

Tens of thousands of Orange members paraded through Belfast at the weekend to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1912 proclamation against plans for Home Rule in Ireland.

They had been ordered to only play hymns passing two Catholic churches, however complaints were made about "provocative" behaviour by some bands.

And the Orange Order apologised after a picture emerged of a bandsman urinating at St Matthew's in east Belfast.

Three SDLP politicians will meet the Parades Commission later to discuss the matter.

It comes after commission chair Peter Osborne told UTV parade organisers would have to look at behaviour in some instances of potential breaches.

Mr Osborne stressed the fact that the parade "passed off largely peacefully is positive". He also called on the Orange Order to take the next step and meet with residents.

He said: "The last two or three weeks have seen an improvement in that context, there has been some dialogue, if not as much as there could be, engagement by civic leaders and senior politicians and clergy has been really important.

"The work for next year needs to start now."

Sinn Féin has called on First Minister Peter Robinson to condemn bands that allegedly breached the Parades Commission ruling.

Police say evidence was gathered extensively throughout the day and any breaches of the Parades Commission ruling will be investigated and reported to the Public Prosecution Service.

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christine in newtownabbeyanrtsmifor wrote (851 days ago):
i am so sick of hearing about the orange order and bands being acused of breaking the commision rules but not once has anyone said the protesters broke the commision rules by having almost 200 outside the church when they were told only 50 were allowed to stand there a psni officer told me that in access of 170 protesters were outside the church and it had been noted to be dealt with
Fed up. in Co.Down wrote (852 days ago):
I, like many others, am sick and tired of this one way street that is equality. A band plays their drums too loud and we have SF and their puppets in Carrick Hill all over the more than willing media wanting apologies. Clifton Street Orange Hall is attacked, again, with paint bombs yet there's barely a mention from the media and no sign of Dempsey, Kelly or Sheehan condemning this intolerant, sectarian behaviour, or indeed offering the Orange Order an apology for the attack, clearly perpetrated by members of their community.
bob in belfast wrote (853 days ago):
these people are just troublemaking now, the parade passed with no trouble from either side and still they want to raise tensions
lorna in limavady wrote (853 days ago):
Signing a covenant celebration (bear baiting more like ) we could never have peace because each side taking a strong line against the other policitians eager for votes. Did I get it so wrong.Some people were not there in support but came out particular to watch for faults breaches in the parade commission So the man on the big drum slapped it so hard. Frustration no doubt.seems They don't like to see Protestants unite and the loyalists know that. pity .think they are acheiving something? My thoughts are instead of each side looking for faults in the other. each one look of the beam in their own eyes and ask themselves are their own prejudices worth keeping. after all the sash never hurt anyone but bombs and guns did.
michelle in Belfast wrote (853 days ago):
This is dispicable behaviour and the commission MUST press charges against the offenders who breached what was agreed to make an example of them. The behaviour of some of the bands one of which I witnessed myself was disgusting, overall the parade passed with dignity but these offenders must be taught that rules are there for a reason and not to be broken without any need for it! These bands should loose their licence to march in the parades, maybe when these people are removed the way forward will be a lot easier.
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