Outrage at 'horrific' cat killing

Published Wednesday, 02 October 2013
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There has been anger and outrage after a cat was found brutally killed in a crossbow attack and left to die in a field in Co Down.

Outrage at 'horrific' cat killing
The cat was found dead in a local farmer's field. (© UTV)

The household pet was found with an arrow through its neck by a farmer in Portaferry, who believes the animal was thrown from the window of a passing car.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said those responsible should be brought before the courts.

He told UTV: "It's a terrible act for somebody to have the guts to put an arrow through somebody's cat and throw it over the hedge into a field.

"I have children of my own who have pets and I know how they would feel if it was one of their cats or dogs lying with an arrow through its neck."

He added: "Obviously the owners of the cat are probably out looking for it.

"They would be better off not seeing what has happened to it and hopefully they will know, through this, what has happened to their pet."

SDLP Ards councillor Joe Boyle visited the scene of the attack after he heard about what had happened.

Really it’s just brutality towards a family pet.

Cllr Joe Boyle

He said: "It's horrific to see a cat killed with a crossbow.

"It's difficult to get into the mindset of those that did this - they might think it's a hobby or a pastime."

He continued: "It's very distressing, especially because this is someone's pet that has disappeared and the owners are probably waiting at home to see if it will ever return."

Bel Livingstone, from the Cats Protection, said incidents such as this were rare but that the brutality of this particular attack was shocking.

She said: "As the UK's leading feline charity we are horrified at this act of cruelty - we are heartbroken.

"We would strongly advise anyone who has information on this to contact the local PSNI and their welfare officer.

"We need to stop this sort of thing happening again.

"I haven't seen this in such a long time, it beggars belief why anyone would want to inflict that kind of pain or suffering on any animal."

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Collette Wilson in Lisburn wrote (435 days ago):
I have just learned of this incident and feel sick to my stomach. Anyone who can do such a cowardly cruel thing to an innocent defenceless animal doesn't deserve the name human being.People that do these wicked acts need to be prosecuted. I too want to know what's happening to those who burn't the dog Cody last year. They need to start giving these people prison time
Paul in Portaferry wrote (439 days ago):
Anybody who does that to someones pet is an absolute SCUMBAG. Jail is too good for them
John in Belfast wrote (441 days ago):
R.I.P Cat. I really feel for the owner at this time. I really hope they catch the scum that did this, unfortunately I think they will get away with this. Was anybody ever charged for the death of Cody the Collie last year? Far too many people get away with animal cruelty- this needs to change.!!
Steve in belfast wrote (441 days ago):
I can only call this some kind of propaganda to have crossbows banned. look at the angle of the bolt, the shooter would have to be standing almost beside and just above the cat to leave the bolt at that angle. The cat would also have to be laying down on its side.(as if dead) This bolt looks to be ether a 17" or 20" and an average crossbow with a 150lb draw would push the complete bolt into the ground if it didn't hit a stone on the way in. i.e most of the bolts in the ground this would tell me the cat was shot were it is in the video and not dumped as UTV suggest Also why would he/she leave the bolt in the cat, these bolt cost around £2.50 each and I really cant see him/her dumping the cat with it still in it or even leaving it there when they were only a few feet from the cat.
Sam Brannigan in Belfast wrote (441 days ago):
Its just evil in people to carry out an act like this.This cant be blamed on drink or drugs,just pure badness.Animal cruelty is a serious problem is N.I. but apart from a few small animal welfare groups is largely ignored by the general public .A great big reality check needs to place in this country.As Ryan said animals feel pain.That to me is far more important than if a flag stays up or doesnt.
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