Orange Order parade passes peacefully

Published Sunday, 28 October 2012
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An Orange Order parade has passed St Patrick's Church in north Belfast without incident.

Orange Order parade passes peacefully
The parade went off peacefully on Sunday. (© Pacemaker)

Four bands and approximately 400 people took part in the County Grand Orange Lodge parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation on Sunday.

The Parades Commission had ruled only hymns should be played past the Catholic Church on Donegall Street, which has become a flashpoint since trouble broke during the Black Institution's parade at the end of August.

It came after a video showed a loyalist band playing an alleged sectarian song whilst circling outside the church on 12 July, although the band denied the tune was sectarian.

The Parades Commission's ruling also stipulated that no supporters should accompany the bands on this section of the route on Sunday.

A small protest held by Carrick Hill residents nearby was restricted to 100 people.

"I believe the Carrick Hill residents made a magnanimous gesture, the very fact for all to see, they deescalated their protest down to about less than 100 people to try and take the whole sting out of this, to try and allow for a bit of breathing space for the Orange Order," Frank Dempsey, chair of Carrick Hill Concerned Residents Committee, said.

Some residents claimed bands had broken a ruling that only a drumbeat should be played in an area of Clifton Street.

An Orange Order spokesman has insisted that their members showed respect and dignity during the parade and said the institution reviews all parades.

The Parades Commission put in place restrictions because it said that there had not been enough dialogue between the Orange Order and residents.

The watchdog said it was disappointed that no representation had been made from the Orange Order to them nor had they made direct contact with residents despite there "being no inhibitors to this dialogue taking place."

Carrick Hill residents are due to meet the Apprentice Boys for talks ahead of an upcoming parade in November.

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Danso in N,Belfast wrote (818 days ago):
"Nationalist posts only" get a grip, because I don't have a bigoted view doesn't mean Im a Nationalist, which Im not...
Danny in Ulster wrote (819 days ago):
Nationalist posts criticising the Orange Order only permitted UTV?
Dave in ... wrote (820 days ago):
Typical. The parade passes off with no problems, yet the usual whingers are on moaning the same old tat. How long will it be before you start blaming the OO for introducing the Ash tree disease, and causing a shortage of your Hurly Sticks? Once again UTV at its best letting the moaners stoke the fire of bigotry.
Danny in Ulster wrote (820 days ago):
Is Frank Dempsey serious? How nice of him to allow the Orange Order to parade on his personal road... Get a grip man and stop taking the mick, if he wanted to make a "magnanimous gesture" then he could have told the "protesters" to stay at home. It was a very well ordered and dignified parade by the lodge members and bands.
Linda in NI wrote (821 days ago):
I always thought that sectarian hatred came from republicans but the Roman Catholic church sadly allows them to show their hatred from their own front door. This behaviour is unjustified to Catholics who are able to live and let live or to Catholics who can join in and enjoy the culture with us and believe me that does happen. The limited protest yesterday shows what everyone else knows Sinn Fien can turn off& on their sectarian hatred as and when it suits them. No doubt their activists & the sdlp hangerson will rear their ugly heads again with their obliging parades commission. I speak for a lot of people when I say unionist politicians should be more pro-active in the future. Yesterday showed that the parades are not at fault its the sectarian hatred against them and that also results in high policing costs. when you allow the previous comments then utv should also allow mine
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