Obama and Cameron discuss Haass

Published Thursday, 16 January 2014
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President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron have discussed the Haass talks proposals by telephone on Thursday evening.

Obama and Cameron discuss Haass
Dr Richard Haass was brought in to look at contentious issues. (© Presseye)

It is understood the two men agreed that the political parties in Northern Ireland should resolve the issues, rather than the British, Irish and American governments.

The leaders of the Executive parties are expected to hold another meeting next Tuesday.

Earlier this week MLAs at Stormont voted against a Sinn Féin motion accepting Dr Richard Haass' proposals on flags, parades and dealing with the past.

The party's deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, then accused unionists of "dancing to the tune of extremists in their community".

Nigel Dodds of the DUP hit back by saying Sinn Féin are "wallowing in murder" by refusing to take leadership over the party's "continued glorification of past terrorism".

Former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass was brought in by the Executive to chair all-party discussions on a number of contentious issues, alongside co-chair Meghan O'Sullivan.

However the parties were unable to reach agreement before their end-of-2013 deadline.

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J in Northern Ireland wrote (376 days ago):
Good to see a United front from the UK and USA in regards to how things should progress ,and more importantly, who should be the people to sort it out. Only the Parties,through negotiations and agreement, can bring this process to a satisfactory conclusion that suits EVERYBODY and not just a Nationalist\Republican agenda. Unionists are saying they want to succeed in getting an agreement but all I hear from our Nationalist/Republican neighbours is No No No! They are refusing to continue the process to a point where everybody gets something from it. The USA & UK have today , with this statement, gave their support to the Unionists by clearly stating that they will not be interfering and pushing through the proposals which the Nationalist & republican community are hoping will happen. The only thing now left to do is roll the sleeves up and get talking with Unionists. People talk of weak leadership but I have got to say that the United Unionist front has been exceptional.I challenge any of the Republican/Nationalist commentators on here to point out what is in the Haass proposals that suits Unionists? I don't want to hear "What's not in it" but actually what is in it for Unionists and the Majority British citizens in this country? The United front by the USA and UK is in complete contrast to what Martin McGuinness was spouting about yesterday when he said he knew that the USA were going to put a dead line in place of St.Patrick's day. I have time for Martin but he is starting to come out with some serious pie in the Sky statements. There is definitely no doubt that there is a serious rift with in Sinn Fein right now and he is trying to rally them behind the one banner of Us & Them! Poor tactics Martin. The Unionists must feel pretty damn good today knowing that the UK and USA are actually backing them with the idea of more discussion and refusal to push through a one sided set of proposals.Well done Unionism!
Disguised in Belfast wrote (376 days ago):
'Dancing to the tune of extremists'.....what was ira, bombs, murders??? Rosetinted glasses must be good !
Jos in Belfast wrote (376 days ago):
Can u blame them not getting involved it would be easier solving the middle east problem. You cant deal with people anyhow who just keep saying no or never its in their genes to think negatively.
curlymatz in Enniskillen wrote (376 days ago):
Lead this as a country, not as a religion.
Gavin in Belfast wrote (376 days ago):
We dont need them to agree.. Haass talks dead! Failure to agree! Bring back direct rule
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