New violence in Ardoyne

Published Tuesday, 14 July 2009
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Police have come under attack in a number of disturbances overnight across Belfast, including in Ardoyne for the second night running.

Watch Video: Ardoyne violence continues

Up to 100 rioters were involved in the violence in which a number of petrol bombs and other missiles were thrown.

A large police presence in the area and community representatives had been working to ease tensions.

Petrol bombs and paint were also thrown at officers from a large crowd that gathered in the Brompton Park area of the Crumlin Road.

The latest disturbances lasted for around three hours and were only quelled at 1.30am.

It follows Monday's riots ahead of an Orange Order parade, which Sinn Fein have blamed on dissident republicans.

At an east Belfast interface, stones and other missiles were thrown in the Newtownards Road and Short Strand areas on Tuesday night.

There have been reports that a number of homes were also attacked.

Meanwhile there were also reports of youths throwing stones and trying to hijack cars in the Drumbeg area of Craigavon on Tuesday evening.

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Anon in Belfast wrote (1,738 days ago):
First of all sean og, we live in a free country. I live in this area and it is not a Nationalist / republican area, it is mixed with both "sides" free to use it. No parades are allowed down side streets or suchlike and rightfully so. The reason why the trouble stopped surrounding the Garvaghy Rd dispute was because Nationalist / Republicans got their way over the Orange order not because of an accommodation or resolution which both sides could be happy with. This means that violence pays off for Republicans, they do not get what they want, they riot and because of it they then get what they want, goal achieved. This cannot be allowed to happen any more. The parade only takes minutes past this area, if you are offended for some reason or another, don't watch it or be out on the road when it passes, simple as. I am Catholic and could not care less if this parade passed my house, which it almost does. I have a few friends who take part in it and i'm sure they are offended by the republican tri-colours flying from lamp posts in this area too, just like garvaghy road this is a main road free for all to use. Is this how unionists would be welcomed and made part of a united ireland ?
Sean in Armagh wrote (1,738 days ago):
A plain vulgar display or narrow minded sectarianism for the world to see, disgusting. It is a Mixed area both sides should be allowed to use it as such. It would be different if they were marching down any side streets occupied by "Nationalists / Republicans" but they aren't. Is this how a United Ireland would be ?, how does this look to Unionists, does it include or exclude them ?, do you think it makes them particuarly want a United Ireland, No ! So then why ? Morons, the lot of them. We keep hearing how they are supposed to be offended by the "anti-catholic" orange order, does that mean that these thugs are actually supposed to be Catholic because i do not see any displays of Catholicism or christianity here at all, only bitterness and hatred for Unionists, police and the Orange order. Most of us find these thugs and their behaviour offensive, yet they still seem to be getting away with it.
Margaret in East Belfast wrote (1,739 days ago):
Marching is part of our heritage. Everyone has a right to march. What about all the protests Nationalist organise? If the Orangemen were left alone the whole thing would be over in a couple of hours. I live in East Belfast, where a nine month pregnant woman has had to endure intimidation in her own home at the hands of youths from Short Strand, twice in 24 hours. That's not much progress either, is it? Any excuse for a riot! Don't see Unionists going off on one because of St. Paddy's Day.
Will in belfast wrote (1,739 days ago):
Lets be brutally honest here. Not many of us in NI have a real opinion of our own when it comes to the troubles. It all depends on what side of the fence you were born on. And anyone who has a different opinion to that which we have been raised to believe as fact MUST be wrong. That said, lets try and put this into perspective. People shouldnt have to stay locked up in their homes on a nice summers day if they are offended by vulgar displays of triumphalism. Native americans shouldnt have to stay in their homes if they are offended by white people marching through their settlements celebrating colonial victories and this is no different. Sean og has a valid point. If it were nationists marching through unionist areas waving the troubles in our faces, the outcome would be exactly the same as it was in ardoyne. And anyone who disagrees with that should take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask if it is their own opinion or just the one sided, sectarian hatred thats been drummed into us all from birth.
Glencairn Resident in Belfast wrote (1,739 days ago):
Sean og, lets get a few points clear here. The Crumlin road is not a nationalist road, both sides of the community use the shops, library, car wash, ambulance station etc. No band or supporters had any flags Or played any music throughout the parade! Its not as if the parade walked down any side streets like the Mountainview area of Ardoyne. We dont complain when girls from ligoneil and ardoyne walk through our areas to get to Our lady of mercy girls school or boys walk up the crumlin road to go to St Gabriels every day so why have a problem when we want to walk a short distance once a year to get to where we live?? What's your excuse for Tuesday night? Thugs just want to run amok and try to distablise the peace process, we dont want to go back to the bad old days!
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