New houses empty over golf ball risk

New houses empty over golf ball risk

Safety concerns have caused a delay for residents due to move into new social housing in south Belfast.

Fold Housing Association is concerned that balls from nearby Balmoral golf course could hit residents or the properties in the Taughmonagh Estate.The concerns were first raised by the builders in May last year. Now the homes are finished and ready for tenants - except they are empty.Sharon Hosick and her family are waiting to move into their new home."I'm finding it very frustrating because my house is full of boxes. I've got everything mainly packed away and it's chaotic," she said.Sharon had expected to relocate to the property at the beginning of June.Anna Davidson is also waiting, and told UTV the delay has made life difficult for her elderly mother."My mother's sleeping on the settee whereas life could be a lot easier for her."She added that for years residents have lived in houses in the area beside the golf course and there's never been a problem.Fold Housing Association told UTV that they have been involved in discussions with Balmoral Golf Club to try to get the matter resolved.Eileen Patterson, of the Association, said: "We assessed the risk in that golf balls were landing on the site."We know there are houses that have been in Taughmonagh a long time - but none of us were aware of this risk and it would appear that the exact location of the scheme is in an area where people would tee off."Golf balls were landing there and we assessed it as being a serious and potential risk and we felt that we needed to mitigate against it."Is it a small risk if one person gets seriously injured?"In a statement, Balmoral Golf Club said that they have been in ongoing discussions with Fold Housing Association and are hopeful for a satisfactory conclusion in the immediate future. CHAR(13) + CHAR(10) CHAR(13) + CHAR(10)The Fold and the club are expected to meet on Friday.However, the case is still set to go in front of the courts next week.


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