New clamp down on 'booze buses'

Published Thursday, 25 July 2013
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The new Environment Minister wants to clamp down on so-called booze buses.

New clamp down on 'booze buses'
The measures are aimed at stopping drunkenness on buses. (© Getty)

Mark H Durkan - who recently took over from Alex Attwood - has launched a public consultation that could see operators fined for encouraging people to drink.

Anyone caught drinking alcohol on a bus could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Mr Durkan said sanctions for operators could include restrictions on their licenses, or ultimately losing it if merited.

"I have absolutely no problem with people enjoying themselves. 'Booze buses' though can be dangerous on our roads," said the SDLP minister.

"This consultation demonstrates my commitment to penalise those who encourage and facilitate drunkenness on buses.

"Unfortunately the practice of drinking on board buses is still common place in Northern Ireland and problems have been further escalated in recent years due to the increased popularity of 'party' vehicles or 'booze buses' for social use.

"This activity is illegal and unsafe and action must be taken to address it."

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he is another joke in belfast wrote (555 days ago):
serious crime is happening nearly every day and he is worried about a few people drinking on a bus?time he got real and sorted out the real issues.
Jonny in Belfast wrote (555 days ago):
This place is going mad is there not other things to worry about in this place without taking the fun out of another thing,, clubs close at 2-- no drinks promotions --now no drinking on party buses-- you wonder why this place isn't packed with nightlife more like a grave yard after 2 on the weekends, go across the water liverpool Manchester ,Newcastle then come back durken an see the money that nightlife could bring to this country complete joke this is
Stevo in Loyalist North Belfast wrote (555 days ago):
Here we go another nobody trying to make this country a little worse and impose stupid rules. these are people same as everyone else trying to make a living and who now face the possibiltiy of losing this completely. if the driver is sober whats the issue. catch a grip h durk.
Artie Kelly in Belfast wrote (556 days ago):
I am a supporter of a local Belfast football team and after that plonker who was filmed in Dublin singing the Sash, got a drink ban for everyone on private hire coaches and buses. We used to have a drink on the way back home, more so on long journeys but now we don't. We are not vandals, sectarian bigots or violent hooligans but that man ruined it for us and other like minded people, we just had a sing song and a sociable drink and that's it, we cleared the bus of our rubbish and bottles etc but now we are loosing supporters from coming to matches and to new members wanting to join our club. As a previous poster said, you can drink on a plane or boat so why punish us all because of a foolish man
Drinker hiding in The boot wrote (556 days ago):
As long as the driver isnt participating whats the problem ? You can drink on an aeroplane and a train
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