New UVF murals painted in east Belfast

Published Tuesday, 10 May 2011
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A community worker in east Belfast says there is nothing sinister about new murals showing UVF gunmen.

Work on the two images, which depict armed paramilitary members, started in the Newtownards Road area at the weekend.

One replaces a former mural of Glentoran Football Club.

Jim Wilson, of the Progressive Unionist Party, said they had no prior knowledge they were being put up, but denied that there is anything sinister behind them.

"We've come through a past where we had gunmen on the streets," he told UTV.

"If painting murals is all we have to worry about now then I'd be happy with that."

The murals are understood to have been erected in frustration over a new republican mural in west Belfast, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of Bobby Sands' death and depicts shots being fired over his coffin.

Mr Wilson said there has been a "double standard" in criticism of the UVF murals and not the republican ones.

"Here we have two very similar wall murals being painted at the same time in different parts of Belfast," he said.

"In one instance the IRA mural is treated as 'cultural art' and officially opened by an elected Sinn Féin MLA and the other is being portrayed as an intimidating step backwards from the peace process.

"The double standards and ongoing bias against loyalist communities must cease immediately."

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have a nice day. in Derry wrote (505 days ago):
Welcome to Belfast. Lol
Liam in Belfast wrote (506 days ago):
The thing is Republicans didn't paint over a EU funded mural in tribute to a world known sportsman, that the difference, Jeez. Carry On.!!
Mac in N. Belfast wrote (507 days ago):
In any other part of the UK, you will be landed on from a great height by the planning department for painting your house a colour not in keeping with the surrounding area. Belfast, nobody says a dickie bird about a sinister balaclava-sporting, gun-toting figure featured on a mural which looks as if it's been designed by a small child. No mural anywhere should feature firearms - of any sort. Why is this craziness allowed here?
David in Belfast wrote (1,305 days ago):
These six counties of Ulster are pathetic! The world looks at us & see's a country that glorifys itself by murdering each other & putting murals all over country. U.F.F. U.V.F. L.V.F. I.N.L.A. P.I.R.A. are no different from the Bloods & Grip gangs in the U.S. "Murdering criminals".
Mike in Belfast wrote (1,353 days ago):
These bone-heads are just ruining their own communities. I'd not dream of going to shop in any area where these horrible murals exist. It tars the whole community with the same brush. I see these images and think - what sort of people live here then!
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