NI to benefit from $8bn Bombardier deal

Published Tuesday, 27 November 2012
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Bombardier has won its biggest ever business aircraft deal - worth up to almost $8bn - with Belfast set to benefit.

NI to benefit from $8bn Bombardier deal
Belfast is set to benefit from the sale. (© Bombardier)

VistaJet has signed a deal for up to 142 Global jets from Bombardier.

It includes firm orders for 56 of the aircraft - valued at around $3.1bn US - with further options for another 86 jets taking the total up to $7.8bn (£4.8bn).

Delivery of the aircraft will begin in 2014.

Bombardier's base in Belfast is responsible for designing and building the fuselage and other parts of the Global aircraft.

The order will help secure the jobs of the roughly 5,500 workers there.

The company's VP General Manager, Michael Ryan, told UTV the financial benefit to Belfast will be in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

He said: "We will be delivering the components out of Belfast to go for the final aircraft which are being built in Toronto and Montreal over the next couple of years and that's a great reflection on both the programme and the excellence of the people who work here.

This order - the largest ever business aircraft sale in Bombardier's history - will help to sustain jobs and secure our long-term future, in addition to benefiting our local supply chain.


"We in Belfast play a major role in the business jet sector - an important market which Bombardier leads. Bombardier in Belfast is responsible for the design and manufacture of a range of parts for the Global aircraft family, including the forward fuselages, engine nacelles, horizontal stabilisers and other components."

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said it will benefit the local aerospace supply chain.

"Bombardier in Northern Ireland plays a major role in the business jet sector, and this multi-million pound contract is a welcome boost for their workforce here," said the DUP minister.

"It reflects a confidence in the company and in its staff in Northern Ireland.

"Bombardier has had a presence in Belfast since 1989. This order, the largest ever business aircraft order in Bombardier's history, will help to sustain jobs and secure its long-term future, in addition to benefiting the local aerospace supply chain."

Building work on the jets is due to start soon.

The first order involves 25 Global 5000, 25 Global 6000 and six Global 8000 jets.

Steve Ridolfi of Bombardier Business Aircraft said: "We welcome VistaJet's ongoing commitment to global coverage within existing and developing new markets.

"Our Global aircraft are perfect for VistaJet's business strategy to deliver the ultimate business jet family to all corners of the world."

Local politicians have welcomed the news

Alliance MP Naomi Long said: "This contract will help to secure and build for the long-term term future of Bombardier, including at their site in East Belfast.

"We have a very proud industrial heritage in this part of the city, with internationally competitive companies, and this contract will help continue this tradition.

DUP MLA Robin Newton said: "Given today's difficult economy this is superb news. It is a credit to the management and the workforce and is a vote of confidence in the company and their abilities to deliver on an order of this scale."

Meanwhile Jimmy Kelly from the Union Unite hailed it as a "historic order" in a "particularly fragile economic time".

He continued: "Unite understands that it will secure the current workforce levels for a number of years."

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henrys cat in Belfast wrote (789 days ago):
Worked in Bombardier a few years back on global express and I thought they had farmed out to another factory most of that contract?
John in Tyrone wrote (790 days ago):
This deal Stevie is going all across Northern Ireland, its set to boost the whole nation. There are 6,500 new jobs being created due to this and its going right from Belfast to Derry. Please stop complaining Stevie before you have studied the deal first. It doesnt matter what good happens to NI... someone always has to bitch
alistair in portrush wrote (790 days ago):
@stevie If you're that desperate for a job there's always the road and rail systems linking Derry and Belfast. If you lived in RoI, mainland UK or USA a 1.5 hour commute each way wouldn't be overly abnormal. In a country this tiny you can't be so expectant, quit yer whinging.
stevie in derry city wrote (790 days ago):
Ah yes the wonderful city of Belfast set to benefit again from another big investment.. won't do much for the rest of N.I but sure what the hell.. so long as Belfast gets what it's need the rest of us in this dirty wee province can rot.. you won't see to many decent paid jobs in construction or production anywhere else outside of lovely Belfast but then the as far as the monkeys in the tea house on the hill are concerned no where else exists outside of Belfast...
Joe in Belfast wrote (792 days ago):
Great news
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