NI role 'delight' for astronaut Hadfield

NI role 'delight' for astronaut Hadfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, famed for his broadcasts from space, has told UTV he's delighted with his new role promoting Irish tourism.

More that 20 million people watched Commander Hadfield sing Bowie in space.Now the star-man has been proving his celebrity status at a book signing in Londonderry as part of a five day trip here with Tourism Ireland."Ireland is beautiful, it is beautiful from space and it is beautiful to be standing on the shore here and looking at it," Mr Hadfield said."As I flew in space for five months, the relationship with the people of Ireland grew like a friendship, it is very natural now to continue that friendship on the ground and have a chance to share the friendship with other people."I am delighted to be in that role both on orbit and here on earth."Last year, while in space, Chris Hadfield posted a stunning photograph of Belfast at night - and on Tuesday his whistle-stop tour of NI continues with a visit to the city.He continued: "I was so inspired growing up by what other people had done and for me the most important thing in life is to pursue things that are interesting to you while at the same time including and if possible inspiring other people."To me I just love doing that and that gives me great satisfaction at the end of the day."I was an astronaut for 21 years, which is longer about anybody, but now there are so many opportunities to do other things and I am delighted to be in Ireland."A sunset like no other, unbeaten January beauty on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Like standing in a painting.— Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) January 13, 2014


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