NI dole queue shortens for 18th month

Published Wednesday, 16 July 2014
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The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Northern Ireland has fallen by 900.

NI dole queue shortens for 18th month
The queue at the Jobs and Benefits office shortened again this past month. (© UTV)

The latest figures, published by DETI on Wednesday, showed that the total claimant count for NI now stands at 54,300 people.

It marks the 18th consecutive month in which the figure has decreased.

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster of the DUP has welcomed the figures, saying: "A further decrease in the Northern Ireland unemployment rate is welcome, as is the sustained decrease in the number of unemployment benefit claimants, which has reduced by 8,800 over the last 12 months."

The claimant count rate for NI was 6.1% in June which was the highest of the 12 UK regions, while the latest monthly decrease here was lower than the overall UK decrease.

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Debo in belfast wrote (195 days ago):
They want to get the poor fighting the poor strivers vrs skivers divide and conker they have a feast while we fight over the scraps.. if rich people and companies paid their taxes like the rest of us there'd be no debt
Niall in Tyrone wrote (196 days ago):
Be all the people have left for shores further a field. Paper never refuses ink, these figures proves it. It is as hard as every to find work. I have all the education I was told I needed to have In order to secure a good job. I bounce from one short term contract to another, no guaranteed hours, no definite income, and treated with total disrespect and hate when you ask for help in these jobcentres. I tried once to "sign on" I refused and stormed out. Haven't claimed one benefit but I have been unemployed many times, bet I don't show up on their figures
Paul in Belfast wrote (196 days ago):
@jase, pay and conditions are much better in the Irish army. Salaries are a lot higher compared to Britain.
we must do something in the uk wrote (196 days ago):
The recession was a God send for the rich sure they trebled their profits and income plus the government got their excuse to cut welfare to the poorest in half, its the perfect storm for the rich and powerful, people desperate to work any job for any pay an they can hire and fire if u don't like it thanks to the new law to make it easyer for employers to sac their employees. .why do we the people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of the government's policy's put up with it because we can only blame ourselves when it is us that gives them legitimacy by voting them in..we must make more noise or we will never be heard.!!
cheated by people I never voted for in endless cycle of poverty wrote (196 days ago):
When the job centre puts you on steps to work or YES or whatever rebranding they're doing this week to cover up the fact that these schemes don't meet fair wage requirements, they pay a tiny amount of income based JSA allowance in your name. This means that your technically employed for the 8 weeks 26 weeks or however long the placement is. The scheme runs on a 12 month cycle so the unemployed are recycled into the scheme before unemployment figures are released, yes a very small portion of these people get jobs but the majority get let go by the employer at the end of the scheme so they can get another government funded slave and claim there large subsidy for doing so. But the media don't want to know this because they dance to parliaments tune. Steps was ruled unlawful 2 years ago in Englands high court and it was ignored. Where's a UTV Investigation into this? No where because the unemployed are treated as second class citizens and therefore not worthy of media support. No money = no press. Look at the countless employers found to be abusing these schemes (tesco) yet it continues to run in favour of employers not the unemployed. The government should set up direct training and cut out these robbing companies.even the steps program its self is ran by private companies who get paid to run it. The jobcentre do nothing but pimp us out to the next abusing employer
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