NI councils urged to remember soldier

Published Sunday, 26 May 2013
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Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt has called for councils across Northern Ireland to open books of condolences for Drummer Lee Rigby, who was killed at Woolwich in London on Wednesday.

NI councils urged to remember soldier
Soldiers leave tributes to Drummer Rigby at the Royal Artillery Barracks. (© MOD/PA)

The 25-year-old was hit by a car and then attacked by two men with a meat cleaver and a knife.
The vicious assault happened during the day, and eyewitnesses described the killing as "crazed".

Five people have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder the father of two.

Mr Nesbitt, Ulster Unionist MLA, said people across the UK were shocked at the soldier's murder, and urged councils to act in solidarity with the Rigby family.

He said: "By signing a book you're sending a message to the family, you're sending a message to the Armed Forces and you're sending a very powerful message to terrorism that we will not have it on the streetss of the United Kingdom.

"When it happens in the United Kingdom, no matter where, it is, I think important for the people of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, to come together in a united way and to stand firm together."

I think a lot of people would welcome the opportunity to go somewhere, such as Belfast City Hall, at the time of the funeral if they can, just to stand for a moment in solidarity with the family.

Mike Nesbitt

On Sunday, Drummer Rigby's family visited the scene of his murder

His widow Rebecca, mother Lyn, 46, and stepfather Ian, 54, laid flowers at the Woolwich Barracks where the soldier with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was based, and where hundreds of floral tributes have already been left by well wishers.

Mr Nesbitt wants all 26 councils across NI to remember Drummer Rigby, whose funeral will be held later this week.

He said providing space for people at the time of his funeral would be "an entirely appropriate gesture to make".

Mr Nesbitt added: "I would find it very difficult to believe that anybody would object to voicing their utter rejection of what happened last Wednesday in Woolwich."

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martin craig in england wrote (611 days ago):
it is very nice that mr nesbitt would remember that poor young soldier... is northern ireland seen as british... or part of the united kingdom? we're never sure over here what the correct term is...
David in Belfast wrote (611 days ago):
@Paul in English in England England is no more a foreign country for many of the people in NI than Scotland or Wales are. We use the same money, havethe same Parliment, please don't count Stormont its a waste of time, same road signs, same language and a collective history spanning many years. The UK is GB and NI, my only connection with the Republic of Ireland is purely a geographic one, as they are a poltical entity in their own right.
jim in s'land wrote (611 days ago):
'I think a lot of people would welcome the opportunity to go somewhere, such as Belfast City Hall, at the time of the funeral if they can, just to stand for a moment in solidarity with the family'...Mike Nesbitt. And why not bring your fleg with you, eh, Mike?
Sam in Belfast. Ireland wrote (612 days ago):
Your right Bertie you can be from India or Pakistan and be British. Just like some people living here in Ireland. But in England they are English, Scottish in Scotland, Welsh in Wales and IRISH in Ireland.
John in London. England!! wrote (612 days ago):
Bertie, lots of people from Ireland are in the British army. East to West of the island. Many more from the south of the island over the years. The north of the island is a financial burden to us and most english people want rid. Only 48% of english people want the Union to remain. FACT!! And when i say "Union" im talking about with Scotland. Never you forget that mate. Every year we have a St Patricks day parade also. The city turns green. The English and Irish have a great time. We have moved on. I suggest you lot try it.
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