NI TA soldiers manning Afghan hospital

NI TA soldiers manning Afghan hospital

TA soldiers from Northern Ireland are among those deployed to Afghanistan to man the military hospital in Camp Bastion, with UTV's Paul Clark having spent the last week filming with them.

A series of special reports from Helmand Province will be aired on UTV Live, focusing on the mission of the soldiers from the Territorial Army.

In the days since leaving Belfast, the group have been working at an Army camp in York - where an exact replica of the Camp Bastion hospital has been created.

"All the disciplines, all the specialists, all of the professionals, work as a integrated team whose sole purpose is to provide the best quality care for all of the causalities they see," Northern Ireland's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael McBride, said.

"Whether they are British Army forces, whether it is Taliban causalities, or whether it is Afghan casualties."

We work really as an overseer to how things are going on and, should there be an incident or any sort of enemy infiltration, we are able to react to that quickly.

Sergeant Major Phil Duffield

Since arriving in Afghanistan, the TA soldiers from Northern Ireland have already escaped injury in a rocket attack on Camp Bastion by Taliban insurgents.

Reporting from the scene, in the wake of the incident, Paul Clark said: "As we ran, we heard a number of explosions - I can't recall how many. Were they close? They were close enough.

"We arrived at the tent where I was told to put on my body army, including my helmet, and to lie flat on the ground until the all-clear was sounded."

The all-clear was given about 40 minutes after the alarm was raised. No one was injured.


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