Mother angered by gun attack on son

Mother angered by gun attack on son

A Derry mother has told UTV that her teenage son will be in a wheelchair for some time after being shot in both legs.

The 18-year-old victim received three gunshot wounds on his right leg and two on his left leg at Rathlin Drive, in the Creggan at about 11.20pm on Thursday.Alicia Fisher, the victim's mother, told UTV that she was returning home, when she received a phone call informing her that her son Gareth had been shot.He was in a shed watching a DVD with a friend when he was shot by two masked men.She described the scene that met her upon returning home."Gareth was lying in the corner of the shed - he was covered in blood. He was conscious."One of the young man's legs was in plaster, as he was awaiting an operation.He was shot twice through his plaster cast, and three times in the other leg, his mother added."Anger automatically set in - I just couldn't understand how someone could do that to my child."Ms Fisher said that she believed dissident republicans were behind the shooting. She also said that her son told her the gunmen "had very young voices."The people that did this are calling themselves republicans - republicans don't do that. They are supposed to look out for their community and look out for one another and not terrorise the children of the community.Alicia FisherShe said the family had received no reasons whatsoever as to why her son was shot.Gareth received surgery on Friday and his mother said that he will be in a wheelchair for quite some time.SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey has condemned those behind the shooting, saying there is no place for vigilante justice in society."No one wants vigilantes carrying out kangaroo courts or punishment attacks in Derry but, instead, people want law and order and due process through the courts."There is no evidence the victims of these attacks are guilty of any crime, and nothing can justify such an attack. We must put our faith in the law of the land, not the law of the jungle," he added."These attacks are wrong, unjust and unfair, and I call on those responsible for these attacks to stop immediately. These people are not representative of the people of Derry."Mr Ramsey said that the latest attack was part of a pattern."It confirms undemocratic elements in the community are attempting to get control and gain influence. This is sinister and unwelcome."Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell said that the shooting was the third serious incident in the Creggan in 24 hours."No-one in the area needs or wants this type of behaviour."Police are describing the attack as "a paramilitary style shooting" and want anyone with information to come forward.


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