McClarty 'didn't like' Elliott outburst

Published Sunday, 08 May 2011
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Former Ulster Unionist David McClarty, who was elected in East Londonderry as an independent, says UUP leader Tom Elliott "made Jim Allister sound like the Dalai Lama" when he described Sinn Féin as "scum".

The composition of the future Stormont executive rests upon Mr Clarty's decision on whether or not to rejoin the UUP next week.

Mr McClarty, who has been an MLA for East Londonderry since 1998, quit when he was deselected by the party.

The UUP would gain an extra seat at the Executive table at the expense of the Alliance Party, if he was to rejoin them.

On Saturday, Mr Elliott did not rule out a future conversation with Mr McClarty on returning to the party.

The MLA elect, who hasn't yet been contacted by the UUP leader, says he will not make a decision until Tuesday or Wednesday.

However, he told UTV he "didn't like" the comment made by Mr Elliott after the completion of the Fermanagh & South Tyrone count on Saturday, also referring to hardline TUV leader Jim Allister.

I'm afraid the comments made Jim Allister sound like the Dalai Lama.

David McClarty on U105

"To be honest I couldn't believe my ears. I got back from the count centre, switched the TV on and I thought to myself I was watching an episode of Ashes to Ashes. I thought we'd gone back in time", he told UTV.

"I can understand the pressure that he is under. I can understand from that context why he said what he said."

Referring to the Irish tricolour, Mr Elliott said: "I see many people with flags today, some of them with flags of a foreign nation".

His remarks received jeers from Sinn Féin supporters at the count centre.

"I would expect nothing better from the scum of Sinn Féin... Their counterparts in the IRA have murdered our citizens, have murdered the citizens of this province for years and decades", he then added.

Northern Ireland's two largest parties - the DUP and Sinn Féin - will meet on Monday to discuss the make-up of the new Executive.

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Replying in Ulster wrote (1,358 days ago):
People in the Unionist camp such as Tom Elliott should always remember the land on which they live was taken from the native Irish people by murder. The IRA campaign as most people know was historically linked to that dispossession of land. We all need to move on and leave the past in the past.
jim in s''land wrote (1,358 days ago):
He came across as a very inarticulate, unintelligent and insecure person and I suppose that's exactly what he is.
sean in donegal wrote (1,359 days ago):
As a party leader Tom Elliott should have been more mature than the way ue handled the situation.In my opinion he was and is 100% wrong.He has hit well below the belt and should hang his head in shame,some how I dont think he will.
Kris in Belfast wrote (1,359 days ago):
I am not from NI, however I have family living here and I spend a great deal of my spare time here . I work in the Middle East and to be honest as far as I can see there is not much difference between NI and the ME. Instead of respecting the fact that people have different opinions/ religion, people go on about "mine is bigger than yours". I saw the comment made by Mr Elliot and it shows what he is made of, and the fact that he is not mature enough to be in politics. He would prob do well in a role as a bullying teenager in some American film from the sixties but not as a politician in 2011. Once I was in a taxi in Belfast the driver asked me where I was from, after I told him he says "you don´t have to worry, people of NI are only nasty to each other, you will have a great time here". Go forward!!
OldSod in Fermanagh wrote (1,359 days ago):
Tom Elliott was quite rightly criticised for his completely out of touch comments, which were simply unacceptable. I am however puzzled as to why there was not similar condemnation of Sinn Fein speeches by people like Martina Anderson glorifying and endorsing terrorism on Easter?
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