Man found guilty of PSNI CCTV voyeurism

Man found guilty of PSNI CCTV voyeurism

A Co Antrim man has been found guilty by a jury of training a police CCTV camera used for monitoring an interface area into the living room of a young woman's apartment for his own sexual gratification.

Ciaran McCleave, 50 and a former civilian CCTV operator, shook his head in the dock of Belfast Crown Court as the forewoman of the jury returned guilty verdicts on all eight charges levelled against him.During a trial which lasted over a week, the jury heard that McCleave, from Collinward Gardens in Newtownabbey, was a CCTV operator employed by Resource.He sat at a workstation 'pod' in front of a bank of 48 cameras at Antrim Road PSNI station. The cameras monitored areas in both north Belfast and the city centre.The court was told McCleave's offending came to light on 12 November, 2012 when a colleague noticed that Camera 17 - whose default was to view the Whitewell Road and Shore Road junction - had been zoomed into the living room of a young woman's apartment.The camera, which at the time was being controlled by McCleave, captured the woman walking round her living room firstly wrapped in a towel and then wearing just a black thong.As well as being found guilty of that act of voyeurism for his own sexual gratification on 12 November, 2012, McCleave was also found guilty of a further six counts of attempted voyeurism, which were carried out over a period spanning from 29 October to 14 November, 2012.The court heard that two days after training the camera into the woman's living room when she was in a state of undress, the same camera operated by McCleave was directed at her apartment a total of 40 times.The woman, who has since moved from the apartment, is still receiving counselling.In addition to voyeurism and attempted voyeurism, McCleave was also found guilty of misconduct in a public office.As the verdicts were read, relatives of McCleave's cried in the public gallery.As they were leaving, some people who had come to support McCleave verbally attacked his victim, who was left visibly upset.After the guilty verdicts were returned, Crown prosecutor Tessa Kitson asked if McCleave would have to sign the Sex Offenders Register. Judge Paul Ramsey said that wouldn't be the case at present, but said "it may arise when sentence is passed."Pre-sentence reports will now be compiled and McCleave was told he will be sentenced on 5 September.Judge Ramsey released him on bail, but warned him not to take this as an indication of the sentence he will receive.


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