Man arrested after city hall flag stunt

Published Thursday, 23 January 2014
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A man, who climbed on top of a gate post at Belfast City Hall and waved a Union flag while singing, has been arrested.

Man arrested after city hall flag stunt
A man has been arrested at Belfast City Hall for disorderly behaviour. (© Simon Baxter/@simonrbaxter)

Police said they received a complaint that a male was behaving in a disorderly fashion in the Donegall Place area of Belfast shortly before 1.45pm on Thursday.

A PSNI spokeswoman continued: "Police attended the call within five minutes.

"The male had moved to a pillar outside city hall.

"Following engagement with police the male came down from the pillar at 14.31pm."

The 21-year-old man was then arrested for disorderly behaviour and disorderly conduct.

A 17-year-old male was also arrested in relation to a public order offence which occurred when he was on the pillar.

The circumstances of the incident are being reported to the Public Prosecution Service.

In December 2012 the council passed a motion to only fly the Union flag at City Hall on designated days.

The controversial decision sparked a series of loyalist protests.

Rioting also broke out in parts of Belfast and other parts of the country.

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have a nice day. in Derry wrote (365 days ago):
@jim. Jim wake up
Snowy in Ardoyne. Ireland wrote (365 days ago):
@Taxi Paul in Belfast. I know what your at; you don't wanna be bothered picking up people who have a couple of drinks in them.All your looking for is a handy fare and a nice fat tip, acting as if you're a decent taxi driver. listen mate been there done that and got the T.shirt. Stop yer yapping and do the job your supposed to do. You hypocritical fool. TAXI :-) :-)
Danton Lundy in Belfast,Ireland wrote (366 days ago):
I think the protests are getting smaller, only one at this one!
Observer in Online wrote (366 days ago):
The PSNI can arrest a man with a union flag in 5 minutes, but sit idly by and watch "joyriders" race round west Belfast in stolen cars without intervening! Maybe policing in Northern Ireland will improve after Baggott goes, who knows? I won't hold my breath...
Boru in Ireland wrote (366 days ago):
Someone said it's a 'national' flag - euh, no, it isn't: the national flag of Scotland is the St Andrew's Saltire; the national flag of Wales is the Welsh Dragon; the national flag of England is the St George's Cross - and the national flag of Ireland is, of course, the Tricolour: the Jack is a company flag, the flag of the company called 'Britain' - which is based in England; do you think a Scotsman would let you take down the St Andrew's Saltire and replace it with the Jack - worse still, forcibly insist that the Jack is the 'national' flag of his country??: the matter of whether Scotland goes independent or not is not an issue to be taken lightly - and whatever way it turns out, the Jack will still be, as it always has been, a company flag; better that the 'British' learn some respect for the Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish peoples - who they have been abusing and mistreating for centuries.
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