Maghaberry block could stop reoffending

Published Wednesday, 20 February 2013
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The new cellblock at Maghaberry Prison - which was officially opened on Wednesday - could help prevent prisoners from reoffending, it has been claimed.

Maghaberry block could stop reoffending
David Ford and Maghaberry Govenor, Pat Maguire inside a cell at Quoile House. (© Michael Cooper Photography)

Quoile House cost £12m to build and is home to up to 160 inmates. It is the first accommodation block to be built at the prison in five years and it makes use of modern facilities, including a computerised system that means there are no keys.

The Prison Service say it is an open plan system that emphasises rehabilitation. There are special provisions for those with mental health concerns which mean they find it hard to cope within the general prison population.

Justice Minister David Ford described Quoile House as a "demonstration in the practicalities of prison reform".

"What we've shown is that, where we provide prisoners with better facilities, where we use those facilities for better rehabilitation, then we do reduce reoffending and we do make society safer," he explained.

The new block has four landings for those who have jobs within the prison gym or kitchen, and some inmates may meet the criteria for a low level supervision area that encourages them to spend more time out of their cell.

Offender management and safer custody are key elements in the delivery of a modern prison service.

Justice Minister David Ford

Elsewhere, the Prison Service has teamed up with Barnardo's to teach prisoners how to be better parents and develop strong bonds with their families.

David Ford added: "The provision of key workers and advisory services to engage with and assist the prisoners is a key feature of Quoile House.

"Encouraging prisoners to develop strong bonds with their families is crucial in reducing their risk of re-offending and, therefore, I am particularly encouraged by the joint venture between the Prison Service and Barnardo's in teaching parenting skills - which is a particular feature of the Quoile 3 landing."

It is hoped that further accommodation blocks similar to Quoile House will be built, but Mr Ford acknowledged that means his department will need more money.

"The current provision for capital spending is not adequate for all that we would seek to do. That's an issue we will have to look for but this is a key element of the Programme for Government for the entire Executive," he said.

But Paul Givan, chairman of the Justice Committee, said he believes the public will need to see a drop in the number of offenders committing further crimes before they will accept more money being spent on prisons.

"I think the public are going to find it difficult to justify how £12m can be spent on this facility when new schools need to be built and when hospitals are under financial pressure," he said.

"They're going to wonder where is the priority when it comes to spending tax payers' money."

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harry in belfast wrote (680 days ago):
re susanna in county down , did this person not have a trial , and was the evidence not all heard?he or she was found guilty of a crime so they deserve to be in jail, or do you still insist that they are not guilty?get real, your being fooled by your feelings, nearly every prisoner will tell you that there not guilty.
Susanna in Co. Down wrote (701 days ago):
To all of the above writers - maybe if you had a member of your family who has been wrongly incarcerated, you would not feel as bitter as you all do. I speak from personal experience when I say this, not everyone in prison is guilty. Not all of them deserve to be treated as harshly as you have all described. People do make mistakes, learn from it and move on to live good decent lives.
Patrick in Lisburn wrote (706 days ago):
How can this be justified?? Mr Ford should give them all a key when he is at it. At a time when there is poverty, lack of jobs etc etc it is a disgrace. Well done Justice Minister again.
Annoyed in Belfast wrote (706 days ago):
The UK's prison system is a joke. Prisoners are there to be punished. They shouldn't have TVs, play stations, pool tables, education programmes etc. They are given more inside than they get in society. Before anyone starts about 'rehabilitation' so they don't reoffend, make prison harsh so they don't want to go back inside. 23 hour lock down woild be a start. Prison is supposed to be anout punishment, not reward, and we have to fund it.
gordons right in belfast wrote (706 days ago):
gordon in edinburgh, i must agree with your comment, a complete waste of monies, these people broke the law and should get can ford and co justify wasting millions on these criminals?
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