London police clash with G8 protestors

Published Tuesday, 11 June 2013
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Riot squads have dealt with G8-related protests across London's West End, including the targeting of the historic Fortnum & Mason shop and the occupation of a former police station in Soho.

London police clash with G8 protestors
G8 protesters clash with riot police in Golden Square, London. (© PA)

Officers in climbing gear scaled the roof of the five-storey former police station at Beak Street, while others armed with a chainsaw tried to bring the door down.

Police had been issued a search warrant on the grounds that anti-capitalist protesters squatting inside may have had weapons.

One protestor tried to jump off the roof and had to be wrestled to safety by officers.

Powers to stop and search in anticipation of violence and to require the removal of disguises were authorised on Tuesday morning and remain in force.

Demonstrators opposed to the G8 are taking action ahead of next week's two-day summit in Northern Ireland.

Rights to peaceful protest do not extend to violent or threatening behaviour and the police have powers to deal with any such acts.

Home Office

A group calling itself StopG8 has planned a "Carnival Against Capitalism" in central London.

Businesses and banks have warned staff to take precautions after similar protests in recent years led to violent clashes with police.

Officers positioned themselves outside Fortnum & Mason to block protestors from attacking the shop, leading to a tense stand-off - more protestors gathered outside the BP headquarters in St James's Square.

According to the Met Police, nearly 1,200 officers were on duty and a total of 32 arrests have been made over violent disorder, possession of bladed articles and a variety of public order offences.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: "Peaceful protest is a vital part of a democratic society, providing it is conducted within the law.

"But protesters' rights need to be balanced with the rights of others to go about their business without fear of intimidation or serious disruption to the community."

Security has already been stepped up in and around the Lough Erne Resort near Enniskillen, where the leaders of the eight of the world's most powerful countries will hold talks.

Belfast has also prepared for thousands of protestors to descend on the city, with round-the-clock protection for key landmarks and businesses.

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Ady in the umpires shirt wrote (592 days ago):
@ Ulysses and Tommy... Come on now guys,cut it out! A large percentage of the "normal" posters are being left bedazzled and blinded by this high-brow sparring contest lol.
jackie in belfast wrote (592 days ago):
@Ulysses32 in Belfast this is probably the first time I have agreed with you,i absolutely back up your comments about Tommy Atkins in London,England.I too am sick of his condescending attitude towards the people of this country,it seems every story that is published on this website is his chance to patronize us all!!!Must be nothing going on in England these days that he has to be on here !!!
David in Belfast wrote (593 days ago):
@Liam thanks for your comments. I think we need to get off the NI slant in this discussion. We have, including myself, a habit of mudslinging here on subjects that are NI orientated. This in truth isn't, so what don't we look at it subjectively. Nearly 2000 police to arrest 200 demonstrators, 10-1 odds it does seem like a bit of overkill. Is it the Establishment silencing protest or do these people bring on themselves. We have all heard of Prism and how the NSA are using it and how our own security services intercept communicatons. I am not suggesting people take to the streets nor am I a conspiracy theorist, I do believe we landed on the moon, but are we in danger of becoming sheep, to much time on the TV and little else? I have one last question "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"? Its Latin for ........"who watches the watchmen"
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (593 days ago):
I love your utopian view of where your opinion counts, Tommy, but try to stay true to the facts. My comment is based on reality and not mere emotional response. One only has to listen to the MPs in Westminster when the idea of batons rounds were suggested to see the mindset. I suggest you spend more time dealing with reality rather than burying your head in fictional literature that propagates the Atkins utopia. Your unfounded presumption, not to mention irrelevant, insult about another commenter's habitual passtimes has afforded me the opportunity to lower myself to your level and advise you to stop listening to Stephen Fry narrated audio books, buy a pair of glasses and have a look around at the world around you. Your arrogance and pretentiousness can get a tad tedious at times.
David in Belfast wrote (593 days ago):
@Dave in Belfast Big eejit, that most have taken you all of 5 minutes to think of that, actually it might have taken you more. Couldn't you manage a cognitive argument? People protest for a variety of reasons, some of these people may want confrontation; a lot seem to be young people who feel let down by this society. As I said I don't agree with all their arguments and I prefer to see only peaceful protests. However apart from the level of violence used against them what is the difference between people protesting in London or Istanbul? I ask again is not ironic we have the Police using taxpayers money to protect Starbucks? After all most have been up in arms about their tax avoidance.
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