Kemp defends putting NI in Extreme World

Kemp defends putting NI in Extreme World

Ross Kemp has defended the inclusion of Northern Ireland in his Extreme World series - which is more used to issues like child soldiers in the Congo - ahead of the Belfast-based episode airing.

The documentary maker was filming in north Belfast last summer, 15 years on from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, to look at sectarian tensions still blighting the peace process.Kemp witnessed Twelfth of July parades, stand-offs and riots, and spoke to those involved from both sides of the divide.Eyebrows had been raised by the former EastEnders star's presence though, given the nature of his documentary series on "extreme" locations around the globe.But he insists that the show is not about drawing comparisons between very different situations."Some people say: 'Oh, why are you including a place in the United Kingdom in Extreme World? It doesn't compare, say, to the Congo.' And of course it doesn't," Kemp told UTV's Sarah Travers.But for a couple of minutes during that riot, it was quite extreme.Ross KempKemp explains that the Extreme World title actually provides quite a broad umbrella under which to operate, allowing him to shift from the Congo to Belfast to Las Vegas to look at various issues."It doesn't necessarily mean Belfast is an extreme place," he added."Extreme things happen there occasionally - as they do in London, as they do in Paris, as they do in Baghdad. It can also mean extreme views or extreme actions that only happen for a second."But filming in Northern Ireland was definitely an experience for Kemp and he admits he was hit with a few missiles, even from the relative safety of behind police lines."Very much behind the police lines!" he joked."There were some extreme actions and the police had to act accordingly - I have to say, I thought they did a brilliant job."The Belfast-based episode of Ross Kemp: Extreme World airs on Tuesday night on Sky 1 at 9pm - catch his full interview with Sarah Travers on The Magazine on UTV on Friday 14 February at 8pm.And tough guy Ross Kemp coming up too this series (although Sarah said he was a softy really)!— The Magazine (@UTVMag) January 21, 2014


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