Kelly receives PSNI 'informed warning'

Published Monday, 06 January 2014
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Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly has received an informed warning from police over his actions during an Orange Order parade in north Belfast during the summer.

Kelly receives PSNI 'informed warning'
Gerry Kelly said at the time that he was wanted to speak to the driver. (© Sinn Féin)

On Monday, the politician said the PSNI warning related to his "standing with the community in Carrickhill".

Mr Kelly was criticised by DUP First Minister Peter Robinson as "reckless" after he stood in front of an armoured Land Rover to try to speak to police about the arrest of a young man.

He was pushed down the street on the front of the PSNI vehicle.

"I believed at the time I did the right thing," Mr Kelly said.

"I was part of calming a very difficult situation. I have always believed that this is a matter which should not be brought before the courts."

Mr Kelly is the second politician to receive such a warning in recent months.

DUP councillor Ruth Patterson was also given an informed warning over a "grossly offensive" post which she made on Facebook.

Reacting to the news, TUV leader Jim Allister said the decision to deliver an informed warning to Gerry Kelly "amounts to nothing".

Mr Allister MLA claimed: "This will do nothing to restore loyalist faith in policing, but, rather, it will perpetuate the present disconnect."

DUP MP Nigel Dodds said: "For him to escape with nothing more than an informed warning will lead to the perception of imbalance within the justice system particularly in comparison to other cases. This does not inspire confidence in the impartiality of the system."

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Jackie in Belfast wrote (349 days ago):
Typical, a woman i know stood in front of a watercannon and got 8 months.!!!!, and She got no sympathy, even though she has cancer.
Johnny in Belfast wrote (349 days ago):
Did I just read what I thought I did???!! Mr Dodds and allister talking about injustice, I wonder what their thoughts were when the bigot patterson walked away with the same disposal after inciting Mass Sectarian Murder!!!??
Ulysses32 in Belfast wrote (349 days ago):
Well, there you go. Poor wee Buriyani Bryson can save his money on a toy truncheon and sherwiff star now that he doesn't have to do society justice by performing a citizen's arrest. Or is it that Gerry Kelly has been found innocent like some fleggers had suggested about Ruthless Patterson a while back? I had to laugh at it then as I would laugh at anyone suggesting that Gerry was innocent now. The charge has been dealt with and the penalty imposed. Move along, move along......unless you were a unionist involved in the Haas talks, that is. That would be too much to ask....
pip in belfast wrote (349 days ago):
protester's have recieved 18 month sentence's for the same offence could someone explain how the justice system work's in this country ? never mind if your a terrorist you get everything and if you oppose sinn fein in any way your a criminal worked it out myself.
Disgusted in Bangor wrote (349 days ago):
An absolute disgrace! If it had been Joe Bloggs it would have been a custodial sentence for preventing the PSNI from carrying out their duties! Our justice system needs to change! I am fed up with these 'slap on the wrist' decisions! What sort of punishment is that? NONE!
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