Jail warning over dog tail docking

Published Monday, 15 October 2012
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Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill has announced a ban on the practice of docking dogs' tails.

Jail warning over dog tail docking
The ban begins in the new year. (© Getty)

The ban is being introduced from 1 January next year, under the Welfare of Animals Act 2011, in a bid to protect any vertebrate animal, including domestic pets, from unnecessary suffering.

Anyone convicted of committing the offence could face a maximum of two years imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

The showing of dogs, which are docked on or after the 1 January 2013, at certain events is also banned.

Docked dogs cannot be displayed at events where the exhibitor pays a fee or members of the public pay an admittance fee.

This ban does not apply to occasions where a dog is shown only for the purpose of demonstrating its working ability.

Ms O'Neill described the practice of docking tails as "hideous."

"There will however, be exemptions from the ban for certain types of working dog and where docking is performed as part of medical treatment or in an emergency to save the dogs' life," she said.

The Welfare of Animals (Docking of Working Dogs' Tails and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2012, which comes into operation on the same date, sets out a veterinary exemption scheme.

The guidelines must be followed to allow a future working dog, of a breed specified in the Act, to have its tail docked.

Minister O'Neill continued: "These new Regulations set out the strict conditions which must be met to allow certain breeds of dogs, of no more than five days of age, to have their tails docked by a veterinary surgeon.

"The controls will also ensure that this exemption is not abused and prevent the cosmetic docking of dogs by the back door."

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Deborah Bissonette in Brighton ont wrote (769 days ago):
Far as I am concern docking tails of a boxer needs to be done they are a engenic dog and if they have long tails they could do slot of damage to a human if they wear the tail. I have a 100 pound boxer and if his tail was long would u like to feel it. Problem is there are dogs and where told what we can't do then I feel that these vets need to pay for are dogs such as needles etc. If a dog damages there tail being long then vets have to pay the bill why do people have to worry about what u do to your dog longs it's not being abuse then people don't need to stick there nose in it. When puppies are 2 days old they have no feeling in there tails when they are docked. People should worry about these people that have kennels that abuse the dogs and dogs eat there on speices and don't get food these people should worry about that instead of worrying about docking tails that are not cruel. If I can't dock tails then someone will be paying the bill for my dog and it won't be me it will be the one that is complainning. People that are compainning about docking tails have not got anything better to do. Pretty bad when someone gets the control over what u do with your dog ( pretty bad).
David Scobie in Omagh wrote (837 days ago):
cosmetic removal of a dogs tail shouldn't ever be encouraged, however when the practice is done to working dogs it should be done by a Vet and the breeder should be able to produce the proof that any docking was done by a Vet. this stops the breeders docking tails themselves, dogs used for security (Dobermans Rottweiler's etc) as well as dogs used for shooting (Springer Spaniels etc)are still on the list of animals that can be legally docked by vets.
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