Coastal dig unveils lost Dunluce town

Published Friday, 17 June 2011
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A major archaeological dig on the north Antrim coast has unearthed significant areas of the lost town of Dunluce.

Dunluce was a major town, beside Dunluce Castle, in 1603. However, it was razed to the ground during the Irish rebellion in 1641.

The town was abandoned, which means it has remained as a perfectly reserved site, which archaeologists have been examining recently.

Even though a roadway, parts of homes, pottery and jewellery have been found, 95% of Dunluce town is yet to be discovered.

"The history attached to this dig is overwhelming," said Environment Minister Alex Attwood.

"Here we have a very significant town in Ulster, emerging at the time of the Ulster plantation in the early 1600s, then attacked and abandoned in 1641. Yet only now are we discovering what it was like to live in the lost town of Dunluce all those years ago."

An excavation of the site will continue until 1 July.

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Gareth Bond in Belfast wrote (1,316 days ago):
@ Joe Graham Chicherter's actions do not, as much as you might like them to, simply sponge away other parts of our history. I also see there is a failure to mention the real precipitation of Chichester's actions, the continuous, fruitless and aimless warmongering of the O'Neil. The severity of action taken by the administration, under Mountjoy, does not however, remove the fact that the village of Dunluce was razed during the 1641 rebellion. Nor does any other action in Irish history. I certainly don't hold any water in the thought that a self-persecution complex should skew our analytical approach to looking at our own past.
Willie D in Portrush wrote (1,316 days ago):
Amazing how some people only want the bits of history which relate to their own particular view-point-nothing happens before or after that date unless it supports their stance.
Chris in Belfast wrote (1,317 days ago):
@ Joe Graham - We know that the site dates to before the Plantation (especially as we recovered a Mesolithic stone axe last week on site). But there's nothing significant enough to warrant a story on the news about it (so far). Its only the news keeping things simple =P For the record, there is only 1 line of text that refers to Dunluce Town in particular (regarding taxation). That single line forms the basis of our excavations. Also, I hardly think that a funded dig to uncover a settlement is "destroying history". @ Dave - less of it you =P
dave in East Side! wrote (1,317 days ago):
Joe Graham in Belfast wrote (1,317 days ago):
This is the most pathetic attempt I have ever seen to obliterate the reality of local history, Dunluce village goes back centuries before the plantation and the so called 'Irish Civil War' , indeed it was destroyed and the inhabitants massacred 40 years earlier in 1599 before that 'civil war' by Chichester when he announced he had killed man woman and beast and cleared all Irish within a radius of 20 miles of Carrickfergus Castle, desecrated their chapels and even descecrated their graveyards ro disaude them from returning to vist the places of burial of their loved ones. How about a 'dig' of the nearby McGarrystown where the inhabitants were put to the sword and robbed of their lands , again 40 years before the Civil War ?
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