Historic handshakes hailed after visit

Published Wednesday, 27 June 2012
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The historic handshakes between the Queen and Deputy First Minister and ex-IRA commander Martin McGuinness have been hailed as a "moment of history" and a "good day for Ireland".

Historic handshakes hailed after visit
The handshake took place on camera at the Lyric Theatre. (© Getty)

The Queen and Mr McGuinness first shook hands privately at a cultural event organised by peace-building charity Cooperation Ireland in Belfast's Lyric theatre.

The pair shook hands for a second time - on camera this time - at the end of the engagement.

As Mr McGuinness held the Queen's hand for a few moments, he spoke to her in Irish and then explained that the words of farewell as she left the Lyric meant: "Goodbye and God Speed."

He later waved farewell to the Queen and Prince Phillip as the Royal car pulled away.

He also briefly told journalists the meeting "went really well", before joking: "I'm still a Republican".

Speaking outside the Dáil, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD said the legacy of conflict had not been brought to a conclusion but that "all in all it's a good day for Ireland".

I think the vast majority of unionists will be pleased that this happened because they know it's essentially a real gesture beyond the rhetoric.

Gerry Adams

"I know that some people in the north - especially in my own home district of Ballymurphy - who are big supporters of the peace process are hurt," Mr Adams said.

"Just last week they were told by the British Secretary of State Owen Paterson that they would not have the type of inquiry that they were looking for, the kind of investigation that they wanted, into the deaths of their loved ones by the British Army."

He added the significance of the meeting "will be seen in how much we can build upon it".

Irish President Michael D Higgins, co-patron of Cooperation Ireland, said he was pleased to participate in the event.

He said the exchange "marks another important step on the journey to reconciliation on this island".

"I believe this will be very helpful in the continued realisation of the full potential of the Good Friday Agreement and in improving relationships between all communities who share this island," he said in a statement.

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Owen Paterson said that the meeting had gone "very well" and would move Northern Ireland onto a "whole new plane".

First Minister Peter Robinson said it was a "moment of history" but emphasised it wasn't the focus of the Queen's visit.

The focus has been on a handshake and a photograph but, for most people in Northern Ireland, it is not about one moment of history - but the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks for 60 very full years.

Peter Robinson

Peter Sheridan, from the Cooperation Ireland charity, said the moment was an example of peace-building.

He said of the mood: "It was a very relaxed atmosphere, the very ordinariness of it, even if it was not ordinary people."

Also present at the event was renowned poet Michael Longley, who said: "I think it's very significant. To dismiss this as theatrical is nonsense - a handshake is a handshake, no matter who you are.

"I think it carries on from her visit to the Republic and the fact that she met Mr McGuinness, who has made a huge contribution to the peace process, is very important."

Kate Carroll, widow of Constable Stephen Carroll who was killed by dissidents in 2009, said she found the meeting "uplifting" and "heart-warming".

"It just goes to show things are moving forward and that we're not going to be digressing, so I'm really happy with the outcome," she said.

"If we want this country to move on in leaps and bounds then this is the first way to do it. Forget old wounds and put everything else ahead. Don't go back, look forward."

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maggie in north west wrote (943 days ago):
A royal handshake a lot of hypocrisy spreads over North of Ireland. like something good is to come from Martin recognize where his money comes from. The golden purse of GB. Everyone seems so excited until you remember Martin's old mates are still out there. People he still assocates with in the IRA and publicly attends IRA volunteers memorials.So what has changed in this man...nothing...People should wake up. we are not in a united Ireland but SF can tell us who is allowed into Stormont and that is not the Queen.What a shame it is. when in the jubilee year she could not address the NI assembly.But drives in to the estate to dive directly out. Martin has the last laugh.SF has scored when the people in the south see how much power they have over Northern Ireland
lorna in limavady wrote (943 days ago):
Second try ! why Martin's unresolved past seems only to bother me, everyone else UTV and the media hailing this a great minute in history. Anyone who connects the army role on Bloody sunday to Martin role in the IRA must remember who was there with the IRA on bloody sunday.Holding a gun and in command. I see not greatness in Martin's handshake only that Her Majesty didn't refuse.I'm sure she didn't come over to NI just to handshake Martin..We cannot wipe Martin's slate clean with that handshake because we have still victims looking for justice. It is odd that the army and RUC are still hounded with enquiries and there is Martin nearly being made a saint with no questions about his past being required
Wet Wet Wet in Belfast wrote (943 days ago):
Who really cares about Royal handshakes?We have Grime Mac Dool and a bunch of Norn Irony people beating the elements to bring us tripe served cold.Those lovely people who turned the Titanic into a success story deserve a right Royal pat on the back,with a sword.The PR people who run N.I.plc could turn dead rats running down the street in raw sewage into a water feature and have you paying for the pleasure.Time we wised up dear people.
D. WITT in BELFAST wrote (944 days ago):
everytime i watch the footage of Martin Mcguinness following around the Queen,I shout at the TV "Look out he's behind you" infantile I know but it cracks me up lol
Terry McCorran in Belfast wrote (944 days ago):
We have been conned by SF they steal the head lines over a hand shake. The story is Our Queen was not allowed into the Parliament of Northen Ireland due to a SF Veto.
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