Hillary Clinton makes Dublin visit

Published Thursday, 06 December 2012
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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has attended events in Dublin ahead of her visit to Belfast on Friday.

Hillary Clinton makes Dublin visit
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (© Getty)

Ms Clinton was one of 50 dignitaries who took part in an Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) conference on Thursday.

During a speech on human rights at Dublin City University, she highlighted four main areas of importance - religion, internet freedom, civil society and respecting women.

Ms Clinton said gay people should be respected in a civil society.

She said: "We are seeing a particular movement against the LGBT community around the world, punishing people harassing them, beating them, imprisoning them for who they are, so the US has targeted out efforts to preserve the space that civil society and vulnerable people need to make the case for change in their own communities."

Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore said a range of international issues were discussed including links between the US and Ireland which have developed during her tenure.

Following their meeting, Mr Gilmore announced the government will provide €250,000 in emergency funding to help organisations provide assistance for members of the Irish community who have been worst affected by Sandy.

Ms Clinton will travel to Belfast on Friday to discuss investment opportunities.

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Realist in England wrote (780 days ago):
Linda - what planet do you live on? Why on earth would Al Qaeda be building playparks in New York or be in any way involved in naming them? She'd have a serious issue if Al Qaeda became a dominant force in US politics; I don't think she has to worry about that in the near future though. Parks, hospitals, etc. all across Ireland are named after IRA men and other republican militants. There are also memorials all over the country, many being official state memorials showing the 'Animal Farm' nature of Irish politics - the IRA factions who end up in government become 'heroes' whilst their erstwhile comrades who did exactly the same stuff, become 'terrorists'. If an area wants to name places after certain people, that is a matter for them - just as it was a matter for Belfast City Council alone to decide on the flag flying issue. If some exclusively loyalist area wants to name places after UDA/UVF members, that is a matter for them. For a group of people who deny the majority of Irish people the right to a unified state on the basis that a small majority in a small and arbitrarily decided part of the country wants to be separate, Unionists really don't seem to get the concept of local democracy.
Adair in Cork wrote (780 days ago):
@Realist speak for yourself. I am from the South and America is the greatest country on the planet along with Eire!! I hope we hang more American flags alongside the Tricolour! Irish is the second largest ancestry claimed by Americans and I admire Irish-American Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Israel belongs to the Jews and there are already 22 Arab nations as it is for god’s sake. RFK was killed because of his support for Israel by a Palestinian. You speak of colonialism? What do you call the Arab colonization of Africa and the hundreds of thousands of Arabs that immigrated into “Palestine” the last 60 years? Hamas is a terrorist organization and there are far more oppressed people other than the so-called “Palestinians”. Israel does not recognize the Palestinian Authority or Gaza but they do not “occupy” them. How can they recognize someone who calls for their destruction and won’t even recognize their right to exist? Stop comparing the Israeli-Arab conflict to Northern Ireland, they are nothing alike. You’re as bigoted as the loyalists rioting. Who are the “colonizers” of Ireland? I’m pretty sure immigration from England, Wales, Scotland, France, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark was going on even before the plantations. Most Protestants in the North descend from Lowland Scottish Presbyterians (who settled during the plantations), Scots come historically from Picts and Gaels (Dal Riada? Ring a bell?). You also live in England but are spewing anti-British propaganda while living in England? Maybe you ought to re-locate with such nasty sentiments. I am an Irish-Catholic and the people of the North have every right to remain part of the United Kingdom if they wish to do so. I hope someday they join us down South but that is entirely their choice, that’s how DEMOCRACY works. It's great we don't have people like you in power.
Linda in NI wrote (780 days ago):
If USA gave millions of dollars to loyalit paramilitaries would she be as welcome in Northern Ireland or even the Republic of Ireland, I dont think so. Will she allow Al Qaeda to name New York playparks after Bin Laden or even take down American flags in case they are offensive no its only the IRA they appease
Ryan in Belfast wrote (780 days ago):
@William, Belfast. No william, the flag of our dear American/Irish American cousins, the stars and stripes, can fly all year round in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland and if you check out the many major hotels in Dublin you'll see the American and Canadian flag often DOES fly all year round lol.
Realist in England wrote (780 days ago):
William - I would hate the Americans to claim jurisdiction over Irish territory every bit as much as I dislike Westminster doing so. I strongly disagree with their right wing policies at home and imperialistic foreign policy. If I were in power, I would not invite them over but nor would I slight them as, like Britain, they are important partners in the global economy. However, Britain's flag is an 'in your face' representation of their claim over Irish territory. The stars on the American flag refer to their states. They may be adding one soon for Puerto Rico. Even so, until they add one that directly claims US control over Irish territory, I doubt any Irish person could ever be as offended by it as by the union flag. You are undoubtedly aware of that obvious truth but I stated it anyway just in case I was confusing plain stupidity for stupid sarcasm.
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