Highest petrol spend in NI

Published Monday, 14 May 2012
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Motorists in Northern Ireland spend more on petrol every week than their UK counterparts, according to a new survey.

Highest petrol spend in NI
An increasing number of people are delaying filling up their cars with fuel. (© Getty)

On average, £32.78 is spent by motorists in the region compared to £24.56 in Yorkshire & Humberside which has the lowest spend.

However, 13% of motorists have been "driving on empty" in the last three months as fuel prices have soared.

Younger motorists are those mostly likely to drive with the petrol warning light flashing, the poll by breakdown service Green Flag has revealed.

A total of 25% of 18 to 34-year-olds have been driving on empty in recent weeks.

Four per cent of all motorists have completely run out of fuel in the last 12 months, the survey found.

Based on responses from 2,014 adults, the poll also showed that 13% have set out on a journey feeling nervous about running out of fuel.

Green Flag spokeswoman Miranda Schunke said: "These 'vapour trailers' running on empty pose a serious threat to themselves and other motorists.

"Running out of fuel on a busy road increases the risk of being hit by other motorists and those who have run dry awaiting assistance by the side of the road are also leaving themselves unnecessarily vulnerable.

"Rising fuel prices and the general costs of living are contributing to motorists understandably changing their driving habits but we urge everyone to think about their petrol consumption for their own safety and other road users."

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Skinny in everywhere wrote (944 days ago):
@ JamesBelfast It's not a myth. I run a fleet of vans, and every single time a driver fails to fuel up before hitting empty (despite me telling them to do so), the van displays classic sings of 'dirty fuel' problems.. thick black smoke, mis-fires etc.. until a good full tank has been washed through... The dirt in the bottom of the tank only really effects diesels, so before you call something a 'myth', try putting your money where your mouth is...
Jamesbelfast in Belfast wrote (948 days ago):
In response to Rover in South Belfast. The idea of driving on a low tank and dragging dirt from the bottom is a myth. Even when full the fuel pump draws the fuel from the bottom of the tank where debris and water is likely to gather. In fact there is more chance of disturbing any debris when the tank is being filled. I totally agree with your idea of refilling when quarter full as the cost and inconvenience of running out can be expensive to say the least.
Rover in South Belfast wrote (948 days ago):
Driving on a low tank risks dragging up dirt from the floor of the tank which can cause running problems. It isn't worth it. Also if you run out on a motorway it can cost an arm and a leg to get towed off. Decide that 1/4 full is your empty line and get fuel when you reach it. You will have to get fuel anyway.
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