Go ahead for £100m Belfast Larne road

Published Tuesday, 01 May 2012
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Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy has given the green light to the new A8 dual carriageway linking Belfast and Larne.

Go ahead for £100m Belfast Larne road
The route bypasses the villages of Ballynure and Bruslee. (© DRD)

The £100m project will provide a 14.4km roadway from Coleman's Corner Roundabout to the Ballyrickard Road in the Co Antrim town.

Work is expected to start in June, handled by the consortium Lagan, Ferrovail and Costain, and will take around two and a half years to complete.

Mr Kennedy welcomed the scheme and said it will benefit road users by increasing safety and reducing travel times.

"I welcome the benefits to road users with the provision of a new all purpose dual carriageway," the UUP minister said.

"This will help reduce journey times, improve road safety along the A8, and help the development of the Port of Larne, which is the second largest port in Northern Ireland."

Money for the scheme was made available by the Executive in February.

It was given the go-ahead following the Inspector's Report into the Public Inquiries on the A8.

The Inspector recommended that the proposed dual carriageway should be constructed in accordance with the preferred route.

This route bypasses the village of Ballynure and Bruslee.

In more than 130 recommendations, the Inspector also said Church Road should be kept open while the Rushvale Road and Calhame Road link is removed.

The Minister added that the scheme will be welcome news for the local construction industry.

He said: "In the current economic climate, the commencement of this dual carriageway, along the Eastern Seaboard Key Transport Corridor, will be welcome news for the construction industry and when completed, contribute to the overall economic development of Northern Ireland.

"The scheme should lead to an increase in demand for local suppliers of construction material as well as a boost to commercial trade in the surrounding area."

A statement from the Port of Larne has welcomed news that the upgrade will go ahead.

"The Regional Development Strategy recognises Larne as a gateway and this road as one of the key transport corridors in Northern Ireland," it said.

"The port has waited many years for this final piece of dualling to take place.

"This project will help to support the development of business and tourism not just for Larne and East Antrim, but for the whole of Northern Ireland for many years to come."

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Realist in England wrote (997 days ago):
I welcome this 100% and hope to see more of the same elsewhere in Ireland. I'm no economist, but can someone please explain the flaw in this argument..? Build more roads. This employs more people. Those people earn more and spend more in the local economy. They also increase tax revenue. This frees up more money for the government to invest in local areas. This encourages more people to move to the area from other parts of the EU, thereby generating/concentrating more wealth by the same cycle. The increasing population will require housing and facilities, thereby necessitating more jobs to be created - from builders to teachers, nurses, shop assistants, etc. Cameron says the money is not available to do these things but these things are wealth-producing. Doing them improves the situation. Cameron, in my opinion, should take his right wing austerity policies and stick them where the sun don't shine. Where are his MPs in the six counties? Where are his non-English MPs generally? Thatcher allowing interest rates to soar helped her rich southern English voters with lots of money in the bank and no mortgage. Everyone else suffered. It is only by the grace of the recently-granted freedom of the Bank of England to set interest rates that we are not seeing more house repossessions, etc. The English brought the Tories on themselves but the Celtic/Gaelic people of the British Isles did not vote for him and, I would guess as a result, do not want him. Yet the so-called 'UK' entity allows his party that is geographically fairly limited to the wealthiest regions to impose their policies on everyone else. Can someone explain the 'united' bit again please?
thumbs up in on the boat wrote (997 days ago):
Unless you have been stuck behind a tractor or learner driver whilst racing to get to the boat in time then you have no idea what a welcome relief this upgrade will be. Fair play to Danny for supporting it. Question:...Why is it any time there is spending announcements people from Derry demand some of it? What makes you guys a special case?
Not Surprised in North coast wrote (999 days ago):
Coleraine Hospital is under severe threat and this road is seen as more important. For years we fooled ourselves by thinking if only "our own" were in charge then things would be run properly. What a useless, clueless lot! Danny has whacked up parking charges and fines (and finished off our dying town centres in the process) to shore up his flawed oconomics so don't be surprised if he starts building toll gates on our roads.
Mick in Belfast wrote (999 days ago):
What a waste of money!! People dying on hospital beds, families cant afford food for children, cuts being made to education and £100m is wasted on a road to LARNE? Really?
Happy Days in Larne wrote (1,000 days ago):
Its about time.. This road is well needed.. Plus might get a job working on it :D Happy Days says me..
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