Gaza rally at US embassy in Belfast

Published Saturday, 26 July 2014
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A demonstration has been held at the US embassy in south Belfast against the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Gaza rally at US embassy in Belfast
Protestors outside the US embassy in Belfast on Saturday. (© Pacemaker)

As many as 1,000 pro-Palestinian protestors gathered at the consulate on the Stranmillis Road on Saturday afternoon.

People before Profit organised the rally - representative and city councillor Gerry Carroll told UTV they were calling for the US to withdraw its support for Israel.

"The American government is funding Israel to the tune of three billion dollars a year and that money is being used to buy tanks, jet fighters, bombs to drop and kill people in Gaza.

"So we are making the point today that the US is complicit in war crimes which are happening in Gaza and we're calling upon them to stop their support, stop their funding and stop backing the Israeli war crimes."

It was reported on Saturday that the Palestinian death toll in in the conflict has reached more than a thousand.

Those killed have mainly been civilians including children, over the past 18 days while Israel has lost 37 soldiers and two citizens.

International efforts are continuing to try to broker a longer ceasefire to prevent further loss of life.

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Oakes in BealFeirste wrote (180 days ago):
At the end of the day, Israel shouldnt be there in the first place. The UK who was in control of Palistine at the time, didnt want to have to deal with the Jewish refugees after the 2nd world war, decided to set that up way way way over there, as far away from themselves as possible. When you take living memory into account, when you take internation law into account, when you take morals into account, what part of this provides israel with the 'right' to murder 1000s of men, women and children? To remove the local population from their homes and set up shop? Regardless of the past here, who can defend them and actually hold their heads high?
Jack in Belfast wrote (180 days ago):
me in Larne: so let's take your argument a wee step further shall we? All set? Sitting comfortably are we? Ok here we go sir. Should we ever give money to any charity because I don't recall any of the charity recipient's offering to give me money when I was unemployed? Should we help endangered species like tigers because, again, I don't recall tigers ever doing anything for me. Your argument is silly, shortsighted, selfish and self defeating. Wind your neck in.
Dorothy in Kansas wrote (180 days ago):
Israel is a state born out of violence and surviving on the support of its powerful friend, the United States, without whose support it would crumble. After its creation, it proceeded to acquire land, through war, from the Palestinians, who were then pushed out, to be replaced by immigrants loyal to Israel. Sound familiar?
james in Belfast wrote (180 days ago):
there is a lot of Nonsense talked on here, but lets address a few points- Israel is trying to land grab from the people who live there and the people felt at the time that turning to Hamas was the best way to get help. Yes Hamas are firing rockets and are a terrorist organisation, but surely mass murder doesnt solve that. It has already been proved that hamas were not behind the kidnapping and murder of the teenagers. anyone who feels that what is happening is an appropriate response is crazy, hamas may be using the crowded areas as shields but surely killing 1 hamas member does not justify killing 1 child
seanie in dungannon wrote (180 days ago):
can someone explain the reason why unionists are supporting Israel?
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