Footage emerges of fights at Odyssey gig

Footage emerges of fights at Odyssey gig

Eye-witness footage sent to UTV has shown how fights broke out at a DJ Hardwell gig in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Thursday night, while a number of young people received medical treatment after arriving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

VIDEO GUIDANCE: Footage contains flashing images.Thousands of young revellers packed the venue to see the Dutch DJ in action.Over 100 people were treated for intoxication after a major incident was declared.Hospitals were put on stand-by and extra medical staff were drafted in to deal with the situation.But the footage shows that there were also problems inside the arena, with violence flaring.Security staff can be seen trying to restore order among fighting youths.On Thursday night, Odyssey general manager Adrian Doyle said that the concert had continued "as normal".He added: "As with any concert, the safety of our patrons is our absolute priority at all times and we are very confident that we have sufficient staff on site to maintain a safe and enjoyable concert."


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