Footage emerges of fights at Odyssey gig

Published Friday, 07 February 2014
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Eye-witness footage sent to UTV has shown how fights broke out at a DJ Hardwell gig in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Thursday night, while a number of young people received medical treatment after arriving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Footage emerges of fights at Odyssey gig
Fights inside the Odyssey during the DJ Hardwell gig were caught on camera. (© Eye-witness)

VIDEO GUIDANCE: Footage contains flashing images.

Thousands of young revellers packed the venue to see the Dutch DJ in action.

Over 100 people were treated for intoxication after a major incident was declared.

Hospitals were put on stand-by and extra medical staff were drafted in to deal with the situation.

But the footage shows that there were also problems inside the arena, with violence flaring.

Security staff can be seen trying to restore order among fighting youths.

On Thursday night, Odyssey general manager Adrian Doyle said that the concert had continued "as normal".

He added: "As with any concert, the safety of our patrons is our absolute priority at all times and we are very confident that we have sufficient staff on site to maintain a safe and enjoyable concert."

© UTV News
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Iain in Belfast wrote (353 days ago):
Parents can't be everywhere but they sure do like to blame everyone else for what happened.
Micheal in Belfast wrote (354 days ago):
Paul, 5 months IS only round the corner, considering you study for 2 years before the exams are sat. Kids don't just start studying for exams a few weeks before and expect good results surely? I would be interested to hear from teachers and principles about how many of these pupils were off the following day? A few people you say, last I heard there were 70 odd carted away to have their stomach pumped or god knows what, so many people in fact that John McPoland declared it a major incident. But of course the parents of the underage 'patients' are blameless according to you. If one of these kids had died from a cocktail of drink and drugs I very much doubt you would be making 'people like you annoy me' comments.
JonJo Brammeld in belfast wrote (354 days ago):
In my eyes it should never have been a 16+ event and that's where the problem lies. The kids were barely out of school and they were flocking to the city centre full of booze and others with drugs in their system. No blame can be pointed at Hardwell but more the policy at the Odyssey of 16+ was the issue.
Paul in Trillick wrote (354 days ago):
Michael, knowing you are evidentially the perfect parent and clearly superior to everyone, I ask you why share a view on something you heard, why blame these parents do you think they sent their child out with the intention that they would end up in an ambulance ? Evidentially not, the event in my eyes was extremely well organised as well I was there, bar a few people who left a bad image upon the establishment and indeed the performer, 100 out of how many thousand? This is to blame on over consumption of drugs and alcohol and sheer stupidity of a few younger people attending the event. And A-levels around the corner? I don't know what kind of corners you be going round, I'm aware they don't begin for at least five months, a nights fun five months before an examination is hardly wrong is it Michael? People like you annoy me
Micheal in Belfast wrote (354 days ago):
The spelling used in the UTV comments is brilliant, Ciara exemplifies this with 'epsilutly', class! get rid of the 11+ they said, do away with Grammar schools they said, let your kids go to raves on a school night it is. if your kid was down at the oddessy off their face then the majority of that blame is on the parents, given that the average age seems to have been between 16-18 i.e. A-levels or the equivalent just round the corner, the parents should be queried on their complete irresponsibility. it's not the oddessys fault, it's not the DJs fault the blame is lies with the individual and for those individuals underage the parent.
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