Flanagan sorry for Royal baby tweet

Published Thursday, 25 July 2013
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A Sinn Féin MLA has apologised for re-tweeting a lewd comment about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Flanagan sorry for Royal baby tweet
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave hospital with their newborn son. (© Getty)

Fermanagh and South Tyrone representative Phil Flanagan favourited and shared the Tweet with his 3,600-plus followers on Monday.

He apologised in a statement to the Impartial Reporter newspaper.

"In a split second error of judgement, I misconstrued the meaning of this tweet and re-tweeted it to my followers in that context," Mr Flanagan said.

I innocently believed that this joke was about an expectant father being spotted entering the hospital through the front door, leading to a two day media circus with no news to report

Phil Flanagan

"In hindsight, I can now understand the potential double meaning that some may read into this, but this was not my intention.

"I apologise for any offence that this may have caused anyone."

Mr Flanagan was criticised on the social networking site after he shared the tweet.

It was posted ahead of the news that the Royal couple had given birth to their first child, who has been named George Alexander Louis.

He will be third in line to the throne and will be styled as the Prince of Cambridge.

TUV leader Jim Allister later confirmed that he had submitted a formal complaint about the tweet.

"While hardly surprising, it is nonetheless unwarranted and I would argue it was a breach of the Code of Conduct that all MLAs are bound by," the North Antrim MLA said.

"Therefore, I have today sent a letter of formal complaint to the Assembly Commissioner for investigation."

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John in Creggan wrote (551 days ago):
@Gerard Belfast. One word ELECTED unlike a royal. Oh how the Unionists love democracy.
Mairead in Belfast wrote (551 days ago):
Londonderry in Londonderry, money is money no matter who you are, either you are as equally as entitled to it as the next person or you arent. An individuals personal political opionion is not based on money and to be honest your point is weak. As far as the pope goes, im pretty sure you could have changed the channel. Again weak point.
Mark in Belfast wrote (551 days ago):
Derry in Derry, its got numbered buttons on it, lets you turn the tv over, like i did rather than watch a bunch of idiots on the 12th or maybe its just a little to complicated for you. Fool !
Local Lad in Ards wrote (551 days ago):
Christy Bhoy Are you serious?? "Our MLA's work for their money" since when? they are all a waste of time and money, they sit up on the 'Hill' and do What? can anyone tell me? so now and again they have to cut short their yet another break to sit opposite each other mooing and baying across the chamber, all you ever hear is Order Order Point of order Mr Speaker!! seriously until this wee land is stable cut the perks, cut the wages and travel (not economy I see) and try cutting down on Ministerial cars, I would Love a job ?? like theirs money for old rope. some of them forget where they came from, at least I sleep sound at night knowing I Honestly earned my wage.
gerard in Belfast wrote (551 days ago):
@ "Londonderry", think you got that spelling wrong there son. Anyway last I checked there's more than one tv channel available. Did someone strap you to a chair and make you watch news footage of the pope being elected? Or were you just too lazy to change the channel?
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