Flags give new perspective of Causeway

Published Monday, 20 August 2012
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Around 140 red and yellow flags have been erected around the Giant's Causeway as part of a new art installation.

Flags give new perspective of Causeway
Flags have been placed around the hillside. (© Pacemaker)

They are positioned randomly along the banks of the cliff face and will rotate in the wind to create a flickering display against the backdrop of the causeway.

The flags are coloured red on one side and yellow on the other and are designed to give visitors a difference perception of the North Coast attraction.

The project is part of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board's 2012 'our time, our place' campaign and was designed by German artist Hans Peter Kuhn.

"At every location different thoughts and feelings will be evoked depending on how the flags are sitting, light levels and weather," the NITB explained.

"A specialist team of technicians along with Hans Peter Kuhn, the artist, and his engineer installed FLAGS. A series of holes have been dug out, which has been approved by NIEA and the National Trust, to allow for a specially fabricated unit to be positioned into each of the 140 holes and a flag pole attached securely.

"After the project is finished the unit will be removed and the holes will be covered again with the natural soil of the site."

The flags will be in place from 20 August to 4 November.

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Daryl Gunning in Cork wrote (663 days ago):
I am usually all for art installations, but when I visited here with American friends it was not explained anywhere and they (plus myself) found it to take away from the beauty of the place.....majority. Very very poor choice I'm afraid.
james mccandless in cornwall wrote (874 days ago):
difference perception ? what a lot of tosh. eyesore more like. someone made some money out of that rubbish I bet. good work if you can get it. I thought they were there to spoil peoples photographs so that if we wanted a photo of the causeway we would have to pay for it.
Andy C in Belfast wrote (890 days ago):
Can't believe money has been thrown on such rubbish flags , they mean nothing and spoil lovely photos , overheard 2 Canadian tourists remark how Northern Ireland wastes money on such rubbish... namely the "balls at broadway" and these hideous flags.
Caroline in Dublin wrote (893 days ago):
Totally agree with John-Paul. Visited Giants Causeway yesterday for the first time and was astounded by it. However, I was baffled at the yellow and red squares and at no point did it enter my head that this was 'art'. Persumed it was to do with safety / possible mud slides and was only sorry they were there to spoil the photos! It spoilt the natural beauty of the area. How anyone thought they had the right to try and 'improve on' such a natural wonder is beyond me.
art my a?? in belfast wrote (893 days ago):
what a waste of monies, who called this art?dont we have enough flags on show without this load of rubbish?or is it april fool come early.
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