Family gather at Finucane mural

Published Sunday, 09 December 2012
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The family of Pat Finucane has gathered at a new mural in memory of the murdered solicitor, days before a report into his death is published.

Family gather at Finucane mural
The mural to Pat Finucane was unveiled in west Belfast on Sunday. (© UTV)

Mr Finucane was shot dead by loyalist gunmen who forced their way into his north Belfast home in February 1989.

A report into the death of the Catholic father of three, conducted by Sir Desmond de Silva, will be published on Wednesday. On the same day Prime Minister David Cameron will make a statement to the House of Commons.

On Sunday, a mural was unveiled on Beechmount Avenue in west Belfast, close to where the 38-year-old grew up.

His widow Geraldine told UTV the Finucane family is still calling for a full independent public inquiry into the murder.

"We've not participated in this review. We don't know anything that went on. We don't know who he has spoken to. We don't know what he's seen - and we won't know," she said.

"I do know that there will be no recommendations made in this report."

Mrs Finucane said Sir de Silva told her that his report would contain "hard-hitting conclusions".

"But we do know that he was shown sensitive material and he agreed not to put it in the report. That doesn't inspire us with confidence," she added.

She welcomed the new mural which she said was painted in "part of Pat's community".

"It's very important that he's recognised in his own community by the people. I'm delighted with the mural. It's lovely," she commented.

We do feel that this report will only further our calls for the public inquiry rather than diminish them.

John Finucane

Mr Finucane's youngest son, John, said the unveiling of the mural had come at a very appropriate time for his family. He added they will read the de Silva report "with an open mind".

The Finucanes will travel to London this week to view the results of Sir de Silva's inquiry, which cost £1.5m.

It was ordered by Prime Minister David Cameron, who has admitted collusion took place and apologised to Mr Finucane's family.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams was also at the event to show the Finucane family his support.

Mr Adams said the community in west Belfast knows what happened to Mr Finucane.

"This community knows that collusion was an administrative practice," he commented.

"The family's demand is very, very reasonable and I would call again on David Cameron and on the Irish government to use its influence on David Cameron to make sure that - regardless of the outcome of this DeSilva review -the family have the fully independent inquiry that they are looking for," said Mr Adams.

© UTV News
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Danny in Ulster wrote (779 days ago):
Why are Amnesty International only interested in calling for inquiries for dead republicans many of them murderers, what about all the soldiers and police officers murdered in Northern Ireland by the IRA (funded from the US) with help from rogue Gardai in the republic? Are their families not entitled to justice?
Lee in Belfast wrote (779 days ago):
D. Jackson what do you say about an inquiry into the enniskillen bombing? the le mon bombing? bloody friday? kingsmill massacre? the shankil bombing? shall i gone on?? have you heard of these incidents? has wearing rose-tinted glasses made you blind to other atrocities? seeing you are from the USA , a place renowned for its tolerance and humanity , will you be calling for enquiries into all massacres in NI ? if you are unsure about any of the incidents i mentioned earlier then you can google them , or search wikipedia , but i have one suggestion , dont google-image any of the above incidents because it will propbably make you sick to your stomach.
Linda in NI wrote (779 days ago):
Unionist Death squads, an extremely inflamatory statement do you not think the situation is bad enough in Northern Ireland without this nonsense. I suppose you dont want to mention the republican death squads who bombed and shot thousands of people that this man represented and he was supposed to be a human rights lawyer hohoho
Lee in Belfast wrote (779 days ago):
oh dry ur eyes
lorna in limavady wrote (779 days ago):
What Civil rights did he protect. The right to life the right for justice. To the terrorist he protected and weak judgement from the British made him sucessful. meaning the criminal terrorist walk free to the annoyance of the IRA victim's family. While his wife continues her campain then every family who lost loved ones by the hand of Republican IRA should do likewise. at least they know their loved ones fought for peace and lost their lives doing so.
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