Family escape north Belfast bomb attack

Published Friday, 25 October 2013
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A family with four young children - including a two month old baby - have escaped a pipe bomb attack in the New Lodge area of north Belfast.

Family escape north Belfast bomb attack
Police continue to investigate the alert. (© UTV)

A device was put through the letterbox of the property at Carlisle Parade on Thursday shortly before 10pm.

It was found when a noise was heard at the front of the house.

A family member reacted quickly, throwing the device into the front garden, a police spokesperson said.

A number of homes were evacuated by police on arrival. Army bomb experts made the device safe.

The couple escaped with their children, aged two months, two, four and 11-years-old.

Detectives said the culprits showed no regard whatsoever for the safety of the family and their neighbours, seriously endangering their lives.

They are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who has any information to contact them.

Local Sinn Féin councillor JJ Magee said: "At the scene late last night I saw people having to leave their homes with children being lifted from their beds and for what?

"Whoever was behind this alert should explain to local residents what they have achieved by forcing families from their homes.

"The people of this area want to get on with their lives and trying to improve the future for their children without criminal elements causing distress and inconvenience."

It is the latest viable device found during a series of security alerts in the region this month.

Police investigations are ongoing.

© UTV News
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Eastender in Belfast wrote (456 days ago):
Its time the authorities took a strict line on these Republicans who are busy bombing and shooting everyday. @M in belfast. How can you criticise anyone for doing exactly what you do on a daily basis? This must be the first topic you haven't called any Unionist sectarian or a bigot.....yet!!! As for claiming others living in the past.... So hypocritical!!
M in Belfast wrote (457 days ago):
Mark in north belfast, why always with the what abouts? Is it not enough to just condem unreservedly? Thats the problem in this country, two much emphasis on the past. This was a sickening attack, no ifs buts or maybes.
David in Belfast wrote (457 days ago):
Mao used the description fish in the sea, terrorists cant operate without the tacit support or at least the willing silence of the local community.
Marcella in N.abbey wrote (457 days ago):
To Mark in North Belfast no it was defence from the Loyalist desth squads or should it be said RUC and British armed forces hiding in Loyalist clothing.
John in Creggan wrote (457 days ago):
Mark in North Belfast C'mon Mark, are you making a point or having a go at republicans. I could use to old whataboutery because It's easy but lazy & I'd be just as right as you.
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