Family demand 'MI5 claims' files

Family demand 'MI5 claims' files

The family of murdered Real IRA man Kieran Doherty are demanding to see the entire contents of an investigation into claims the MI5 was involved in the killing.

Kieran Doherty, 31, from the Brandywell area of Derry, was murdered four years ago.His body was found dumped on Braehead Road on the outskirts of the city on 24 February 2010. He had been stripped, tied up and shot twice in the head.The father-of-one had been due to get married in three months time.Although Kieran Doherty was a member of the Real IRA, it was the Real IRA that said it was responsible for his murder.In the weeks before his death, Kieran had told a local paper that the MI5 tried to recruit him as an informer.His family believe the MI5 played a role in his killing.Their allegations were investigated by Lord Carlile, who monitored the Secret Service.He told the Doherty family in a letter that "no inappropriate action took place."The inquest into Kieran's death has opened in Belfast where senior coroner John Leckey has ordered that the family be given a copy of Lord Carlile's report.The family have been told they will be shown the report - but only in redacted form. Sections will be blacked out so they can't be read - that process will take three months.Vincent Coyle, an uncle of the murder victim, told UTV: "We feel somewhat vindicated because we have been saying all along that there was much more to the Carlile report."We were led to believe that the Carlile report consisted of three paragraphs basically denying the involvement of any security services or agent of the state in Kieran's brutal and vicious murder and today it was admitted in the Coroners Court that yes, there was a much larger report."When asked if he thought proof of MI5 involvement will be contained within that report, Mr Coyle said: "I now absolutely believe it."He continued: "We think it's a government smokescreen - the people doing the redacting or the editing will be the people that we actually made the allegation against."Police have revealed they have over 200 witness statements - but the main murder suspect Peter Butterly was also killed by the Real IRA in Co. Meath.Butterly, from Cortown in Dunleer, Co Louth, was in his late 30s. He was gunned down in the car park of the Huntsman Pub in Gormanstown, Co Meath, in March 2013.The Doherty family told UTV they don't have a chance of uncovering the whole truth unless they are given access to Lord Carlile's entire report.


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