Extra £13m in benefits received

Published Thursday, 25 October 2012
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Over 4,000 people in Northern Ireland have received a total of £13.1m extra in new and additional benefits, the Social Development Minister has announced.

Extra £13m in benefits received
Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland, pictured. (© Pacemaker)

As a result of his department's Benefit Uptake Campaign for 2011/12, Nelson McCausland says participants of the scheme were better off by an average of £60 per week.

He said: "My Department has stepped up its work and is investing more than ever before in new initiatives to promote benefit uptake and I am delighted with our success this year.

"It is vital that we ensure all those who are entitled to benefits receive them."

The 2010/11 campaign generated £3.95million in additional benefit and arrears.

The DUP minister added: "The fact that we have managed to secure an additional £13.1m this year for people in need in Northern Ireland - which is more than three times the amount for the previous year - is very encouraging.

"I am committed to making sure that our efforts in this area continue and grow."

The minister continued: "The current economic climate is putting real pressure on everyone, especially many of our more vulnerable citizens.

"£13.1m is a substantial amount of money that will not only make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable individuals in our society during these challenging financial times, but will also make an impact on local economies as this extra cash will be spent in local businesses in Northern Ireland."

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Clare in Newcastle wrote (822 days ago):
Michele just because people drive new cars and have nice houses doesn't mean they're work dodgers.i see many people with the above and they're up to their eyes in debt on loans and credit cards.if you work 34 hours and don't get more than an unemployed person or family u need a career change or a new job.most unemployed people don't choose this lifestyle but have to live it.qualified teachers,doctors,and nurses or having to leave Northern Ireland to find work,so what chance has the boy who left school at 15 and the 40 year old man with no qualifications or a trade.michele your letter is discriminating the young and old.everyone is equal wheather on benifits,dla,housing benifit,or a pensioner.qualified professionals or having to work extra hours to survive in this climate,next time you write a letter condeming people think of the young people committing suicide,and the homeless.these or the people in or society we should be thinking about,and trying to help,not putting more strain on their lives by taking away the buttons they receive.
Jon Doe in Anytown wrote (822 days ago):
"..promote benefit uptake and I am delighted with our success.." Am I missing something here? Are we not suppose reduce benefit dependancy?
michelle in co down wrote (822 days ago):
I welcome the extra money for the benefits system as long as it is the vunerable people in society that get the benefit from this money. I sincerely hope that work dodgers are not going to obtain any of this extra money. There are enough lazy, money grabbing people living a great lifestyle that the government is funding. I live in an estate where all my neighbours live in the best of houses that are furnished to the highest level and they drive new cars, yet they dont work. I work 34 hours a week and dont live in the luxury these people do. System is all wrong. Give it to the pensioners who are ill or have paid their taxes and who desrve it!!!!!!
Ken in Taughmonagh wrote (822 days ago):
Make a difference to the vulnerable he mccauseland is putting the vulnerable lives at risk after the backing of welfare reform.this man is a joke,and for him to say he cares about or society is just laughable.he and his party or on their knees trying to get the sympathy of the people who put them into storment.my answer to you mccauseland is you and your party brought everything upon yourselves.the Protestant people of Northern Ireland voted you,s in to look after their financial needs not put them on the streets.northern Ireland will never be better off with welfare reform you and your party knew that,1 in 10 people voted for welfare reform that shows the people of Northern Ireland face difficult times ahead because of you.
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