Drugs worth £450k seized in Co Antrim

Published Tuesday, 30 April 2013
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Drugs with an estimated street value of £450k have been seized in Ahoghill, Co Antrim.

Drugs worth £450k seized in Co Antrim
Police enquiries are ongoing. (© UTV)

Cannabis plants were found after police searched premises in the Old Portglenone Road area on Monday.

A police statement said: "Enquiries are continuing and no arrests have been made at this stage."

Chief Inspector John Magill added: "The cannabis plants find deals a massive blow to drug dealers and organised crime.

"It is a significant find and one that puts the criminals and organised crime gangs on the back foot.

"Police are committed to working with communities to reduce the threat posed by drugs and make Northern Ireland a safer place for everyone."

He continued: "I would appeal to the community to bring any information relating to drugs to local police, by either contacting 0845 600 8000 or alternatively information can be given anonymously through the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111"

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Stella C in Sunny Portrush wrote (638 days ago):
I think I will listen to what the experts say about cannabis. Not what the Daily Mail or the politicians tell say... “Cannabis is a safer drug than aspirin and can be used long-term without serious side effects. It is never possible for a scientist to say that anything is totally safe. But, at the end of the day, scaremongering does science – and the public – a great disservice. Cannabis is simply not as dangerous as it is being made out to be.” Professor Les Iversen, chair, Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs “The harms of cannabis are less than the harms of alcohol…decriminalising cannabis would bring a net benefit to the population.” Professor David Nutt, chair, Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs “Cannabis is safe for over-18 brains, but risky for under-18 brains.” Professor Terrie Moffitt, Institute of Psychiatry
me in here again wrote (639 days ago):
Mike it's always unfortunate when someone commits suicide, but your conclusions are based on the brainwashing you have received up until now. The question is, was the guy mentally ill already and used cannabis as an escape or did using cannabis on it's own cause mental illness? It's difficult to actually ever know that without being in the persons head, so government assertions that 'cannabis causes mental illness' are basically unfounded. Also, the cannabis as a gate way drug theory is just more political propaganda to help justify their position on it. I will go back to Booze again. If there's a gateway drug it's that. It's dangerous, it's addictive and it's a depressant. Nobody smokes cannabis before they have ever got drunk. Did your friend often get drunk?, I would say 100% likely that he did... what impact on his mental health would that have? How can you then blame cannabis when more than one and who knows how many other substances were involved? Also If someone has enjoyed getting drunk and decided to try cannabis, they are already mentally predisposed to wanting to try all the "buzzes" out there and cannabis has no role in influencing whether a person wants to try anything else. I'm just saying cannabis is safer than you have all been led to believe and if someone wants to use it, it should be their own choice so long as no one gets hurt.
Taxi Paul in Belfast wrote (639 days ago):
To Mike in Antrim I am sorry about your friend. I had two frieds that killed themselves neither smoked cannabis. I also have many friends who do smoke grass and none of them have killed themselves. The only reason cannabis can lead onto other drugs is because it is currently illegal it is criminals who sell it. The same people who sell the grass usually sell hard drugs. That is the link (organised crime) I strongly suspect that is the case with this seizure, although time and the courts will tell. If it was legal there would not be the same profit in it and the criminals would stop leaving it to the users and enthusiasts. As to "ample evidence" in regared to your assertion I have never seen it and I read all the reports and studies. You can obtain copies of most of the independant studies and reports here http://www.clear-uk.org/ You seeek to blame a herb that has been used by mankind for thousands of years, that civilisations have been formed on for all the modern day problems our society has.
Mike in Antrim wrote (639 days ago):
To Me, you have all the answers as your posting suggests, however I strongly disagree with your conclusions. I had a friend who was heavily into cannabis and took it on a daily basis. he committed suicide. This drug leads on to other drugs and there is ample evidence in regard to it.
Taxi Paul in Belfast wrote (639 days ago):
If I lived in Ahoghill I think I would smoke grass. I would need something to live in the middle of nowhere. Fair point about it not being dangerous but £450k worth (well I dont think its personal use). If the police must insist on their demonisation and attacks on cannabis then this is the sort of grow they should target. If its not organised crime then it is one very greedy person
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